Carl Crawford Experiences Right Leg Soreness After First Game

In the 3rd inning, of the Dodgers first Cactus league game at spring training, Carl Crawford was standing on first base after a single and Puig was at bat.

Puig smacked a ball to the left center field gap for his second hit in two at bats for a double. Carl then rounded second and third on his way to home to score with out a throw.

However the left fielder left the game after 5 innings as scheduled anyway and isn’t expected to play tomorrow against Arizona so will have enough rest time to get over whatever niggle is affecting him.

Let’s hope this doesn’t start the Dodgers outfield struggles like last year.

In good news, Matt Kemp is expected to have an MRI on his left ankle on Friday while the team play against the White Sox at Glendale. Mattingly said in an interview during the week, “Kemp will go on Friday, Friday is his day.”

And in the same interview Don also stated that, despite a short spring, all starters would work their way up to 90 pitches by Australia. That means you, Clayton and Zack.

It’s only 24 days away now.

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