Second Base Spot up for Grabs as Dodgers Take on Reds

Dee Gordon gets a start for the Dodgers today when they take on Cincinnati at the Goodyear field later today. The only thing is he gets the start in Center Field. Cuban Alex Guerrero is playing at second base today as it seems the judgment time for the Dodgers and whom they play at second base is coming in the next few days.

For me it would be Dee Gordon as he has shown his speed and hitting ability in the spring so far batting at .234 with 6 RBIs, not the best average but enough to stay up in the bigs.  Gordon has started at second base in a few games, a suggestion that maybe he’s entered the competition with Alexander Guerrero for the starting job.

There is no word from the Dodgers so far about any starting positions but most of the core seems set apart from the second baseman and the fifth starter.

The rotation at the moment seems to be

  1. Clayton Kershaw
  2. Zack Greinke
  3. Hyun Jin Ryu
  4. Dan Haren
  5. Josh Beckett

This could change at any time of course like with Zack’s injury but the first four seem pretty set going into Australia

The starter for the Dodgers today is the number three, Hyun Jin Ryu and he goes up against Homer Bailey from the Reds. In Ryu’s previous game in training ne went 2 innings, gave up two its and came away with a ND.

The Dodgers line up looks very strong today with Uribe playing 3, Crawford DHing, Guerrero at 2nd, Fed-Ex catching, Gonzalez playing first base, Puig taking position 9 and Ryu on the mound.

LA looks like they’re going for the win today to improve their record from the 2-4 that they sport at the moment. Go Dodgers.

My prediction: Dodgers win 5-3


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