Common Australian Slang for the Dodgers

Here is a helpful list of things for baseball fans to say while you’re in Australia or Down Under. 

“G’Day”: A common greeting and is short for “Good Day” as in “Hello”. Example, “G’Day mate”

“Throw another shrimp on the barbie”: No one says that here, no one. We don’t even call it shrimp, they’re prawns!

“A thong”: This is a type of shoe, a flip flop is the same thing except no one calls them that here.

“Bordies”: These are a type of bathers as in the shorts that you wear in the water, you know what shorts are right?

“A snag”: This is just a sausage which we cook on the barbie (see above).

‘Rip snorter”: This just means good as in something is good.

“Beach Cricket”: That’s just cricket played on the beach, cricket is a game we play kinda like baseball but not.

“Spat the dummy”: Someone has thrown a tantrum and has “spat the dummy” most likely a        D-Backs fan.

“Footy or football”: This is another game we play also known as “Aussie rules”. It’s not that great but it’s worth a watch. They play it on the SCG (That’s the ground the baseball is being played on).

“Take a punt”: This means to bet on something like the baseball.

I hope this comes in handy for your travels, good luck boys. 


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