Dodgers Name Seats on Plane to Sydney

The team is now on the plane for the opening series against the Arizona Diamondbacks and there are a couple of surprises who fill up the seats.

The roster is as follows:

Pitchers (14): Dominguez, Howell, Jansen, Kershaw, Lee, Maholm, Patterson, Perez, Rosin, Rodriguez, Ryu, Wilson, Withrow and Wright.

Catchers (3): Drew Butera, AJ Ellis and Tim Federovic.

Infielders (8): Figgins, Gonzalez, Dee Gordon, Guerrero, Ramierz, Rojas, Turner and Uribe.

Outfielders (5): Baxter, Ethier, Pederson, Puig and Van Slyke.

Either Lee or Patterson will start the game on Thursday against the Australian Southern Thunder (yes that’s the name) with Kershaw and Ryu pitching games one and two respectively


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