The Baseball Memories

When I think of baseball think of the experiences and the things that go with it, everything about it just makes me want to watch and play. Have you ever put the glove up to your face and smelt the leather or the stitching on the ball? It’s the smell of the game and it’s what draws us back.

The best thing about the game in the pro level is the amount of it you can watch every year. Every single day your team will play. Pick a team and follow them, its amazing, all 162 games of the year you can watch every single day as they play at the same ball park day after day. The best bit about it though is the crowd; every day you’ll get a group of passionate supporters just waiting to see their team play.

It has a bit of everything, a bit of smashes, some speed, some strength, some strategy and some great noises so there is something for everyone. Once you watch one game you’ll be hooked on something about it; whether it’s the classic “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” that they play during the 7th inning stretch or anything else you’ll come back for more and more.

Of course there are some bad games like you’ll get a blow out every now and then and you’ll see a player get injured but it is definitely worth it in the long run with close games that go until late and massive grand slam homeruns and the perfect games. Its why we love baseball, you never know what you’re going to get.

Yes there have been drug scandals and cheating and the match fixing. 8 men out, classic example of the team taking way more money than they would have got to throw the world series and get kicked out of baseball in the end, it all sorts it self out and there’s always justice. Get a bad call one day? The next you’ll get one that goes your way. 

Everyone has his or her own way of loving the game and that’s what makes it special. Some attend every game and have their personalised score sheets, some stay at home and take in the broadcast with expert commentary and of course for some of the traditionalists they can go to the game and see all of the sights and smell the leather, the grass, the dirt and everything that comes with it.

But the best thing for a kid about it is that you can play it no matter if you’re big, small, fat, and skinny or whatever body size there is a spot for you. It can be casual or for a World Series and its always fun and at the end of the game the score doesn’t matter as you kick back with a drink in the clubhouse. I’m kidding, winning is everything.


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