Terrible “Opening Day Eve” for LA

The news coming out of the LA media today was that Clayton Kershaw would be out on the 15 day DL.

The team confirmed this news a little later and said that his stint on the disabled list would go back to his last outing that was way back on the 22nd of March in Sydney.

This news just compounded the Dodgers’ woes as they were thumped 6-2 at the hands of the Angels of Anaheim at Angel Stadium.

Dan Haren got the start against the Halos and gave up 2 in the first inning including 2 doubles. He stayed into the second inning and gave up 2 home runs in consecutive at bats to go 6-0 down after 6 outs.

Haren is scheduled to pitch the third game against the Padres on the 2nd of April.

Clayton Kershaw would have pitched the first game in the US for the team but has been replaced by Hyun Jin Ryu, which means he will pitch for 2 games in a row, the first Dodger pitcher to do so since 1960.

The Dodgers threatened in the 3rd with the bases loaded with one away but Dee Gordon grounded to the pitcher for the second out.

Chone Figgins didn’t make the same mistake however and doubled to right field to score the first 2 runs for the team. 2 catchers scored for the Dodgers, Fed-Ex was on 3rd and Butera was on second.

Kershaw won’t pitch against any of the Padres, Giants or Detroit and his first start could be as late as against Arizona on the 11th, 12th and 13th of April.

This all came after the entire starting team got replaced after the first inning except AJ Ellis but he was replaced after his base hit in the 3rd.

After the ace’s DL stint the domestic opening day roster was set for LA. They are going with a 13-12 split of hitters to pitchers and the list is as follows:

Pitchers (12): Ryu, Greinke, Haren, Maholm, Jansen, Wilson, Perez, Howell, Rodriguez, Withrow, Wright and League.

Infielders (6): Gonzalez, Gordon, Ramirez, Uribe, Turner and Figgins.

Outfielders (5) Crawford, Ethier, Puig, Van Slyke and Baxter.

Catchers (2) Ellis and Butera.


The game progressed to the bottom of the 3rd inning with a very much B-team on the park including the new pitcher, Brandon League.

This left Haren’s line at 2IP, 6ER, 6H, 1K and a BB.

No more players that would play tomorrow, including pitchers were scheduled to pitch the game as they get the rest for the US opening day.

Skaggs was starting for the Angels and went 3.2 innings but threw a monster total of 94 pitches after a 46 pitch 3rd inning.

The score remained calm up to the 8th inning with League, Magill and Patterson all playing their part to not give up the 7th Angel run.

This was the inning when the home team made their wholesale changes and for the last time there would be no real big league players on the field until next year.

The top of the ninth came and went for the Dodgers who departed Angel stadium going 1-2 and finishing their spring with an 8-12-5 record for the Spring Training.

After the 6-2 loss to LAA the Dodgers take on San Diego tomorrow with Hyun Jin Ryu (1-0 0.00 ERA) taking on Andrew Cashner of the Padres.

Most of the Dodgers were already in San Diego before the game against the Angels even finished after coming out in the second inning. Tomorrow the games count again and we are in first place. Think Blue.


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