Do The Dodgers Have Too Many Outfielders?

LA have four quality outfielders, all capable of playing in the every day lineup. The problem with having these outfielders who all play every position well and have all shown that they can get a hit with a high average upward of .250 is that they are going to be sad. It’s inevitable.

The boys in blue have used 6 outfielders this season with the main four have each played in around 20 each. Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford are the men in question but all of them, if not all of them have got off to iffy starts.

The highest one of these 4 is Yasiel Puig with a .265 average in his 22 games. But the highest one of the team is the man, who plays most games off the bench and doesn’t get on, Scott Van Slyke. He is hitting .281 in 32 at bats with appearances in 15 games this season.

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What Should be the Dodgers’ Catching Stocks?

The main question that has come up in the Dodgers media and with all reporters is what they should do about their catchers and who should get the games.

LA have used three catchers in the year so far; AJ Ellis seems to be the main starter among the three but went down with a meniscus tear earlier in the month and is on the DL. This left Drew Butera and Tim Federowicz to fight it out for the role. Tim “FedEx” Federowicz was in AAA Albuquerque until AJ’s knee injury and then got called up and has ad 10 of the 23 starts for the year, with all of them coming in the last 15 games. Drew Butera was the back up for AJ but has only caught 6 games, even though he backed Ellis up and is now backing FedEx up.

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Kershaw Threw and Dominguez Did Too

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw threw 50 pitches of a hill on Sunday in his recovery since injuring his left shoulder after the Australia trip. He said he is ready to pitch in the minors on Friday if the training staff and Mattingly give him the go ahead.

In the roster move of the day infielder Chone Figgins went down to AAA Albuquerque and was swapped for Jose Dominguez who threw two innings and got tagged with a 2 run homer in LA’s 7-0 thumping at the hands of the Phillies.

The Dodgers had Maholm on the hill against superstar Cliff Lee. The Philies’ pitcher went threw 8 scoreless innings to help his lowest every WHIP against LA.

Maholm had no help in the first as he walked former Dodger Tony Gwinn and then Yasiel Puig dropped a blooper in shallow right that the Dodger defense turned into a tough play. Utley flew out to Kemp, which allowed Ruiz double to score two after Puig’s throw missed the cut off man, a sight which is all too familiar.

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Dodgers Lose Second Straight Series to San Fran

Adrian Gonzalez managed a hit in all of the 3 games in this road set as he extended his hitting streak out to 12 games in a row with 14RBI’s in that 12.

Hyun Jin Ryu threw 7 innings of scoreless ball in the final game and earned him self the only Dodger win at AT&T Park for LA this year.

This was too little too late for the Dodgers however as games one and two were dropped by Brandon League and JP Howell respectively.

In game one, League came on in the 12th and gave up the sole run that would cost the Dodgers the game after Beckett went 5 scoreless innings in his no decision.

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Set Up Man Brian Wilson is Back Once More

Before the Dodgers took on the Giants on Jackie Robinson day they announced that Brian Wilson is coming off the DL and will be in the bullpen for the game.

LA needed to make a decision of which reliever would be sent down to AAA Albuquerque with the likely options being Jamey Wright (0-0 4.05ERA), Paco Rodriguez (0-0 3.18ERA), Chris Withrow (0-0 0.00ERA) or they would have to waive Brandon League for $13M.

Don Mattingly ended up going with Paco Rodriguez as their choice for the puzzle but in the press confrence about the decision Mattingly said, “We will be seeing Paco pitch again very shortly.” This can give us some hope that the team are thinking of waiving League or sending down Wright perhaps.

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Dodgers Complete 3 Game Sweep of Arizona

The Los Angeles Dodgers took to chase field on Sunday for their 3rd game of the 3 game set with a 2-0 buffer on the NL West rival.

Coming into the game Arizona were the first team in the MLB to lose 10 games as they had a 4-10 record as opposed to LA’s 9-4 and first in the West.

In the series that showcased and impressive 35 runs for the 2 teams it was LA who made the most of them and scored 22 of the heap.

After Hyun Jin Ryu shut out the D-Backs 6-0, with the help of his pitching mates in the bullpen, Zack Greinke took to the mound on Saturday with an impressive 5.1IP for just 1ER. Both starting pitchers had the wins so far.

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Dodgers Get Luck Reversed on them in 10th Inning Defeat

The 10th inning decided the game for the second consecutive night and this time the magic returned… Only briefly though as the Tigers won on a solo shot in the top of the inning.

In one of the slowest games of the year, lasting over 4 hours, the Dodgers’ Josh Beckett took the mound for his debut in 2014. He only lasted four innings however and had conceded 4 runs when he came out. A single Ian Kinsler put the run on and Josh allowed him to steal second base. Then a walk to the next batter put Beckett in a jam early on. Kinsler decided to test out the pitcher and stole third, this time with out a throw. Victor Martinez sac flied to left to score the run.

LA hit back in the bottom of the first with 2 runs. The first being when Dee Gordon stole home on a errant throw by Martinez, the catcher whilst Hanley Ramirez swiped 2nd and then kept motoring to third.

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Dodgers 2014 Walk Off Edition Number One

We were treated to the battle that is very likely to be the World Series match up today at Dodger Stadium when LA took on Detroit.

Dan Haren took the mound for his first appearance at home in 2014 and he didn’t disappoint in his 6 innings for work, only allowing one run to cross the plate as he set up the win for LA.

It was all about Dee Gordon for most of the game as he went 2-5 with a home run and a single. His home run was in the first inning and, as the lead off batter, he hit his 3rd career home run that sent the crowd crazy.

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AJ Ellis Sent to DL with Meniscus Tear

Los Angeles Dodgers catcher AJ Ellis has been put on the DL with a tear in his left knees of the meniscus.

The Dodgers already have pitchers Clayton Kershaw and Brian Wilson on the 15 day DL and many fans are calling it the “curse of TWC.”

AJ is expected to be out for 4-6 weeks while in rehab but will stay with the Dodgers in the club house to help the team’s other catchers get ready for games.

Per @Dodgers on twitter –

Dodgers catcher AJ Ellis is scheduled to undergo arthroscopic surgery on his left knee for a meniscus tear tomorrow morning in Los Angeles.

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Strikeouts, Homeruns Set Tone at the Blue Heaven

Matt Kemp returned in a big way tonight with 2 home runs and 3 RBIs as the Dodgers downed the Giants 6-2 in an emphatic by the LA pitching staff.

Zack Greinke took to the mound for the start and straight away things didn’t look good as he gave Angel Pagan a single on the first pitch of the day. Pagan didn’t get around any more bases however as Greinke sat down the next three batters in a row.

Greinke kept up the performance after the Dodgers went 1-2-3 in the 1st. He retired every one of the batters up until Angel Pagan again hit a single off him but it wasn’t enough as he stayed put at first once again.

However Zack was pitching with a 1-0 lead as Matt Kemp, in his first AB for the game hit a solo homerun over the left field wall and the crowd erupted as Beastmode looked to have come back.

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