Ryu Gets Hit 8 Times in Opening Day Loss

The hype was set for the LA home opener and I was up and ready to watch the game at 7am my time on the first day of holidays.

Safe to say I was pumped.

By the time I was fully awake I came to my senses and realised the score, it was 3-0 Giants.

Twitter and I wouldn’t have been so mad if this weren’t San Francisco but it made it so much worse.

Ryu lost his 0.00 ERA on a Morse single to Centre Fielder Matt Kemp.

Matt was in the line up because Yasiel Puig arrived to the ball park late, this has happened before if I remember correctly…

Kemp botched his throw and sent Morse to second.

Belt singled, 3-0. The pitcher Vogelsong singled past Ramirez to score two and Pagan dropped a single down to Kemp again to finalise the 6 run first inning.

Ryu came off the mound shaking his head after already throwing 37 pitches after the inning.

The 6 hit, 6 run, 3 walk inning was over and it was time for LA to prove why they had the highest paid roster.

In the fight back Crawford led off and flew out but it didn’t matter as it brought up Matt Kemp, the applause sent shivers up my spine.

The Dodgers went down 1-2-3 however with 3 fly balls, one to each outfielder.

Ryu was made to work for the first out and he didn’t even get it. A 12 pitch at bat to Buster Posey ended in a Hanley Ramirez throwing error let Posey reach first.

He got the next batter however but had already thrown 51 pitches through 1.1.

The error from Hanley lead to another run as Hicks doubled off the wall in left centre.

Posey was the 7th run. Hicks was the 8th as Arias singled down the left field line.

This all happened with 2 outs, just like in the first.

Hyun Jin got the final out through a K. The problem with this game is that the Giants pitcher has batted twice already before Gonzalez has batted once.

Not that Adrian’s first at bat was anything special, a ground out.

The score was still 8-0 as Vin Scully reminds us that the team’s batting average in San Diego in the last series was .185.

The perfect game for Vogelsong went out the window as Ethier reached first through a walk, maybe that’s how they did it in San Diego.

Andre being on first didn’t amount to anything though as the side went down with out a fuss.

The top of the third meant a change in pitcher for LA and Dominguez was in the ball game.

Ryu’s line ended as 2IP, 8H, 6ER, 3BB and 2K’s with 69 pitches.

“Young” Jose Dominguez got out of the third as a 1-2-3.

Dee Gordon hit one to left over the short stops’ head then stole a base to add some excitement and hoped to start a rally.

Dominguez and Crawford both failed to do anything with him on second but Kemp drew himself a walk and his first time on base for 2014.

Hanley Ramirez watched a third strike go past and left the two most speedy men on base for LA.

Dominguez with another 1-2-3 to get the Dodgers through 4 but still down 8-0, they really missed Kershaw today.

Adrian Gonzalez lead off the bottom of the fourth and smacked one down to deep left and it found it’s way over the fence, come back time?

Andre Ethier was up next and it was another home run! 8-2 now in the bottom of the fourth as this one went the other way to right.

The crowd was back into this one and rightly so it is their home opener after all.

Uribe came up next and hit one deep, this time to centre field that caromed off the wall to give him self a double. The first out of the inning was productive as AJ moved up Uribe to third.

The rally was seemingly over as Dee popped one up to Sandoval in very shallow left filed but Juan was still on 3rd however. SVS pinch hit for Jose Dominguez to try and keep it going as Donnie wanted a new pitcher.

It would be Brandon League as Van Slyke struck out to end the fourth.

And what an odd sight it was as League struck out his first 2 batters before getting the ground out to end another 1-2-3 inning.

Again the Dodger offence woke up with a single to Carl Crawford to start the 5th inning. He took things into his own hands as he stole seconds and then Matt Kemp got his first base hit of the year, a double and an RBI to make it 8-3.

First and third were occupied with no one out when Hanley Ramirez singled and he brought about the end of Vogelsong as Huff came into the game.

Vogelsong didn’t get the win as he only went 4IP.

Huff’s first better was Gonzalez and he looked for another hit and an RBI.

A strikeout was not the way to get it.

So it was Ethier’s turn to score Kemp with one out.

A single is the way to do it. One run scores with men at first and second and the score was pulled back every so slightly, 8-4.

That would be it for the inning as the Dodgers’ Uribe and AJ Ellis couldn’t do anything after Uribe smacked one but was robbed by a diving Pablo Sandoval.

Ellis just struck out, simple.

League got a bit of help in the 6th after a walk lead to an attempted steal. AJ Ellis managed to throw him out as the third strike was called, first double play of the day.

A K to Sandoval ended the inning and the Dodgers had another chance to score some runs.

After a Dee Gordon bunted for a hit, Donnie decided enough was enough of League and Turner stepped in to hit.

Dee stole second, made third on the bounce over the glove of the short stop and with one out Crawford pops the ball up and another one goes begging.

With two outs the stage was set for Matt Kemp to win over every Dodger fan as a hit would score Dee and bring the score back even more.

Again, striking out doesn’t work.

Chris Withrow would pitch the 7th with a 4 run deficit.

Another perfect inning means that 15 Giants in a row had been sat down and at this stage the Dodgers had out hit the Giants 9 hits to 8.

Dodger stadium was a sellout for the home opener as you would expect with 53,493 people buying their tickets today.

The 10th hit of the day was another Hanley Ramirez single, straight down the middle of the diamond.

The turning play of the game could have been in the bottom of the 7th when Ramirez tried to steal 2nd but it definitely looked out so the umps went upstairs to over turn the call for the out.

It looked like another inning went begging as Gonzalez and Ethier struck out to drain some emotion out of this crowd but the “Let’s Go Dodgers” chants stayed true.

Withrow decided he wanted another two strikeouts in the 8th before giving Ethier a chance to catch one to end the inning.

The Dodgers couldn’t do anything in their half of the 8th and it had seemed the runs had stopped at the Ravine, with LA needing 4 in the 9th to send it to extras.

Jamey Wright was to be the Dodgers pitcher for the 9th. He didn’t get a strikeout in this inning but kept it perfect with 3 ground outs.

The Giants only had one base runner since the second inning and it was through a walk. Hyun Jin Ryu gave up 8 but since then it was silent in the hits and runs departments.

The bottom of the 9th was the last chance for LA and it started with a Chone Figgins ground out. Crawford followed suit and Kemp ended things with a fly ball to centre. The Dodgers lost 8-4.



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