Do The Dodgers Have Too Many Outfielders?

LA have four quality outfielders, all capable of playing in the every day lineup. The problem with having these outfielders who all play every position well and have all shown that they can get a hit with a high average upward of .250 is that they are going to be sad. It’s inevitable.

The boys in blue have used 6 outfielders this season with the main four have each played in around 20 each. Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford are the men in question but all of them, if not all of them have got off to iffy starts.

The highest one of these 4 is Yasiel Puig with a .265 average in his 22 games. But the highest one of the team is the man, who plays most games off the bench and doesn’t get on, Scott Van Slyke. He is hitting .281 in 32 at bats with appearances in 15 games this season.

Scott causes a problem to the regime as the 5th outfielder as the mix and match of manager Don Mattingly is getting harder with the newest inclusion. It’s not that it is a bad problem for Mattingly but it is for the players’ morale.

Matt Kemp knew of the problem when he came back at the start of the year saying, “I will not be the fourth outfielder, I deserve to play every day.” The only fault about this is a .221 average is definitely not what you want from the man who was dubbed an all star for the next 10odd years.

Maybe if the Dodgers win the World Series then these men will be happy as they can show off the ring on their fingers but it really questions their ethic, would you rather win and not play or star in the team and help them rebuild? Take Cano for example with the Mariners. Sorry Seattle fans.

We know Puig can bloom as another outfielder so I don’t think he will be traded if any one does as he is hitting .261 and the best of these big four. He is signed to a mega 6-year contract anyway so no teams would want him if the Dodgers decided to trade the Cuban defect.

Now Andre Ethier might be that one that is the surplus, he cant hit against the lefties and “Captain Clutch” is long long gone for now, or so it seems. Dre has 13 RBIs in 72 at bats this year, it’s not poor but his late game performance needs fixing.

One of the outfielders could be traded as well as a catcher as this is another problem for LA to get another catcher than might benefit both teams and help the Dodgers’ chances at the ring.

Injuries could be a problem too, we all know Kemp is injury prone and that LA always gets the injury bug comes June/July during the season. It’s inevitable and the stocks and depth might need to stay to cover for the absences. Joc Pederson is a prospect to come up and cover as he is smashing it in the minors and has been for the last 2 or 3 years.

The last base to cover is Carl Crawford. He came over as part of the trade with Boston, as well as the likes of Gonzalez, and has been in left field for some of the games but seems to be playing second fiddle to Ethier who also plays in the left. He can lead off, give you the clutch hits and has underrated speed, swiping 4 bags so far this year and only being caught once.


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