Dodgers and Their Second Basemen

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a very good problem in their infield stocks with the men on the right side of first base being too good and the man, Hanley Ramirez, on the left being not so good.

Dee Gordon got the job as the every day second baseman after the Australia trip when Cuban import Alex Guerrero went on the DL with his strained oblique, whatever that is. Guerrero didn’t even get the start in the land down under as Justin Turner played both games and sat Alex down on the bench. He did get one at bat however and struck out.

Since the trip Dee Gordon has played in 29 games and has hit the best average of all eligible 2nd baseman in the MLB with a .353 average and coming off his first ever 5 hit game against the Marlins. Dee of course has speed and has swiped 19 bags and only being caught 3 times, also the most steals of any second baseman. This is all because of the fact that he can get down the first base line, out of the batters box, in 3.8 seconds.

Guerrero in contrast has hit .306 in AAA Albuquerque with 3 home runs in 62 at bats. This is of course no match to Dee against the major league hitting but if history tells us anything Gordon will either get injured or stop hitting.

For the Cuban to get up into the majors it would seem that with the changes Donnie is making lately with his position players, especially Chone Figgins, with assignments to the minors and promotions to the majors but it hasn’t happened, Alex hasn’t got his chance. A swap for .180 hitting Justin Turner might be in order in the near future but why bring up another second baseman when Dee is on fire this year.

Guerrero is seemingly a waste of money in the minors, getting paid 26 million dollars for the next four years but I don’t think anyone counted on Dee to come out of the block and have his “break out year”.

But the best thing about Dee Gordon is the fact that he can hit with the men on second and third. The Dodgers have struggled with this in the season, especially Captain Clutch, who cant seem to find the bat with no outs and the bases loaded but maybe that’s a good thing, we don’t want double plays. Dee can hit these though, .360 average with the RISP and the 10 RBIs, only one of these coming off a bases empty homerun.

The speedster is still young too, the age of 26 is pretty good for this kind of year, but he hasn’t ever been really down on the average either. The worst year for Dee was the 2012 year where he played 87 games and only hit .228 but his career average is up above the .300 mark.

The Dodgers need help in their fielding too and Gordon has that .950 average with only the catchers and first baseman beating him in the race for the team’s Golden Glove for the year.

So basically it seems that Alex Guerrero will need to wait his turn in the MLB, it could even be next year as Dee Gordon is smashing it up and becoming a powerhouse leading off the order for the Dodgers. He deserves it too, one of the best clubmen in the game is  working his a*** off and is getting all the rewards. And hey, #SpeedKills


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