Is the Bullpen the Reason for LA Woes?

LA are only one game over .500 and 5 games back of division rivals San Francisco and a lot of problems have come up over the reason the 241 million dollar payroll is not producing the expected World Series winning team come early October. The offence, pitching and fielding has all been blamed individually but it is most likely a mixture of all three. Today we will look at the pitching, and more specifically, the bullpen.

The leader for the ERA in the team is Brandon League and if you have seen the Dodgers over the past few years then you would find that this years League is a lot different to last years League. The Hawaii native went 6-4 with a 5.30ERA and blew many of the Dodgers lead while going for the save and was replaced as Kenley Jansen as the closer. This year League is 1-1 with only a 1.40ERA and has been one of the most trusted pitchers out of the pen during the 17 games in which he’s made an appearance.

Brian Wilson has been a real scare for the team with his pitching last year expected to continue into this one but an injury early on seems to have stopped everything out of his arm and has gone 0-2 so far with a 9.45ERA. 13IP and 18 hits has been the problem for him as one of the most trusted throwers has turned into one of the scariest.

Last year’s closer Kenley Jansen is still definitely the closer for this year but hasn’t been his usual self.  2 blown saves in 14 opportunities is one of the problems but if we look back at Kenley in 2013 he did the same thing by starting of slow and hitting his straps come last June and July. Let’s hope we see the same thing this year and the closer can close it every game.

It is hard to pick just one reliever as the problem for the team considering 11 pitchers have had their chance to relieve and it is definitely a team game. Even Drew Butera has hit 94 mph on the mound with his fastball and struck out Prado on 3 pitches and even got him looking at strike three.

Only two relievers have got into the top 6 of the team for the ERA ranking with the other being JP Howell apart from League and even he isn’t the most trust worthy as of late but is better than say a Paco Rodriguez or a Jamey Wright.

The worst assumption we can make is expecting them all to be perfect but we need them to make sure of some solid starts from the like of Clayton Kershaw and Dan Haren even though the ace went 1.2 innings and gave up 7ER in that time, not good from the number one.

Combined the relievers are 5-11 and this needs to get around the .500 mark in order for LA to have a chance at fighting back for the number one spot in the NL west. Haren does think the team is in the spot to start a run and maybe we can get a savior with in the team to step up, put the team first and win some games.


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