Where Will Barney Fit In?

The Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday acquired 2013 GIBBY’s Defensive Player Of The Year Darwin Barney from the Cubs.

Barney is one of the best defensive players in the big leagues but what does that mean when he cant get a game because his prime was around 2012 when he managed to hit .256 for the year.

The Cubs even said of the second baseman and his last year’s performance “Darwin may have been able to keep his everyday role if he had kept up his offensive performance of 2012 due to his defence but [his offence] just isn’t there anymore”

Darwin can play second base, that’s about it, he played a few games of shortstop in ’11 but hasn’t been there since and has made sure he knows all about the left side of the infield. The only problem with this is, well, the Dodgers already have a second baseman in All Star Dee Gordon and who can also play amazingly well at the position.

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First Place Once Again But Where Will LA Finish?

After Clayton Kershaw’s two hit complete game shut out over the Giants to give the Dodgers a half a game lead over San Francisco, you have to wonder which team will be the first to crack and let the pressure get to them.

The only problem is that both tams know all about pressure and neither will want to give up a playoff spot with any ease.

The Giants have of course won the World Series twice in the last 4 years and LA have a massively star studded line up who made it to the NLCS last year and lost in 6. Both teams have the skill and the nerve, so who will hold out?

On the pitching side of things it is LA all the way with all stars like Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke as their 1 and 2 pairing with names like Jansen, League and Howell waiting in the bullpen for scoreless innings in relief. Continue reading

Dodgers In Minnesota During the All Star Festivities

Yasiel Puig carried the Los Angeles Dodgers hopes during the Home Run Derby on Tuesday after captain Troy Tulowitzki asked him to swing for his National League team against the star studded American Leaguers who held the eventual winner, Oakland Athletic, Cespedes.

The event was delayed after some rain delay in the Twin City and after the crowd flooded to their seats we were ready to play in the Derby.

Puig went 0-7 in his All Star weekend debut and struck out his chances of the next round or even a victory as he hit 2 runs less than anybody else. Eventual winner Cespedes hit 3, equal with Josh Donaldson who then went on to lose the tiebreak to the Athletic 2-1.

During the game itself however all 4 Dodgers who flew to Minnesota got a run in the 9 innings, Puig went 0-3 and got pulled in favor of rival Hunter Pence who then had one AB and didn’t do anything with it. 

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Should The Dodgers Trade Hanley Ramirez? 

The injury prone right-handed shortstop has a number of ways his future can pan out with either the team around him or another team (preferably in the AL so he doesn’t hurt us.)

The Los Angeles Dodgers, at the moment, use the Dominican as a short stop, after turning him out from the third base position when Juan Uribe came back from injury 2 years ago.  But now they have a dilemma, Ramirez’ contract is coming to an end and also Hanley is not a good fielder, everyone knows that and he has cost the Dodgers a number of runs this year with his miscommunication and basic mistakes that they don’t need in the big leagues. So two questions remain, what can they do with him and what will they do?

In what could be his last year with the team as his contract runs out the Dodgers need to make a decision quickly and get their moneys worth if they decide to ship him off to another city.

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Clayton Kershaw’s Amazing June

The Los Angeles Dodgers picked up and absolute superstar with their 1st pick in the 2006 draft with left-hander Clayton Kershaw going 7th overall behind Evan Longoria. This Kershaw kid came out of Highland Park High School after going 13-0 with an astounding 0.77 ERA. This was the year where he also pitched his 15-strikeout perfect game and won by the mercury rule after 5 innings.

After working his way up through the farm system and all the minor teams and in 2008 he made his way up so far that he had earned him self a start at Dodger Stadium. Kershaw struck out the first batter he faced, Skip Schumacher who would later become a teammate at the Dodgers.
Kershaw finished his rookie season 5–5, with a 4.26 ERA in 22 games. He even got 2 innings out of the bullpen in the Dodger’s NLCS against the Phillies.

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