Dodgers In Minnesota During the All Star Festivities

Yasiel Puig carried the Los Angeles Dodgers hopes during the Home Run Derby on Tuesday after captain Troy Tulowitzki asked him to swing for his National League team against the star studded American Leaguers who held the eventual winner, Oakland Athletic, Cespedes.

The event was delayed after some rain delay in the Twin City and after the crowd flooded to their seats we were ready to play in the Derby.

Puig went 0-7 in his All Star weekend debut and struck out his chances of the next round or even a victory as he hit 2 runs less than anybody else. Eventual winner Cespedes hit 3, equal with Josh Donaldson who then went on to lose the tiebreak to the Athletic 2-1.

During the game itself however all 4 Dodgers who flew to Minnesota got a run in the 9 innings, Puig went 0-3 and got pulled in favor of rival Hunter Pence who then had one AB and didn’t do anything with it. 

Dee Gordon came in to pinch run the 4th, left in the 7th but made use of his time with a run but in his one AB didn’t get on base and couldn’t show off everything that made him popular his speed.

To the pitching however and the Dodgers were gems, both Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw combined for 2 perfect innings with 3 strikeouts between them. Clayton however had to come in with the score already 3-2 to the AL after the starter, Adam Wainwright gave up 3ER in his first inning, Kersh should have got the nod indeed.  

The soon to be third time Cy Young winner came in at the start of the second and got the 1-2-3 after going fly out, strikeout, fly out, not a bad job for the best pitcher in baseball. Hint hint Matheny.

Zack Greinke however had the 4th inning and got 2 K’s, Cruz and Jones to get out of the inning with a clean sheet. 

All in all it was a productive day for the Dodgers defense but the offense gave up and went a combined 0-4, kind of the story for the whole year in LA. 


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