First Place Once Again But Where Will LA Finish?

After Clayton Kershaw’s two hit complete game shut out over the Giants to give the Dodgers a half a game lead over San Francisco, you have to wonder which team will be the first to crack and let the pressure get to them.

The only problem is that both tams know all about pressure and neither will want to give up a playoff spot with any ease.

The Giants have of course won the World Series twice in the last 4 years and LA have a massively star studded line up who made it to the NLCS last year and lost in 6. Both teams have the skill and the nerve, so who will hold out?

On the pitching side of things it is LA all the way with all stars like Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke as their 1 and 2 pairing with names like Jansen, League and Howell waiting in the bullpen for scoreless innings in relief. SF on the other hand have some good throwers like Lincecum and Bamgarner however the inclusion of Jake Peavy has left some question marks as he is 1-9 with a 4.72 ERA. He will pitch tomorrow against the Dodgers who will be looking to exploit him.

With batting however it is a close one. The Dodgers do have a World Series capable roster with 5 outfielders, all of whom could make it onto any roster and play every day. Something isn’t right with it however and they don’t really come together and be the team that Mattingly needs from them. On paper the team is arguably the best in the MLB and they should go all the way as they were favorites to win at just $4.00 on Sportsbet before the season started.

The question remains of why don’t they all come together and make it as a team? The chemistry is there and the talent is there as can be seen in the stats but no one can put their finger on just why.

San Francisco doesn’t have as good of a batting roster but seem to put it all together better than Los Angeles at the moment. This could come from a number of things but it does change all the time, some weeks LA go on a run and the San Fran go on their 4-17 run and give back the lead to the Dodgers, how nice of them, right?

The message is simple for LA, get it all together and you can win a World Series.

The reason however for them not doing that most likely comes from some anger inside the dressing room which could be coming from a number of people or from a few at once, it would be hard for Mattingly to manage. This could be from Kemp getting fed up and wanting a trade or maybe even Scott Van Slyke who may be getting annoyed as he isn’t playing every day where on any other team he would get that easily.

Can they fix it though and hold on to the top spot of the NL West because whether they like it or not I am sure the Dodgers know that the Giants will be chomping at their heals and going for that spot just to avoid the one game wildcard series. We’ll see what Mattingly does to change this and hope it is the right idea for a 2014 World Series!


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