Where Will Barney Fit In?

The Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday acquired 2013 GIBBY’s Defensive Player Of The Year Darwin Barney from the Cubs.

Barney is one of the best defensive players in the big leagues but what does that mean when he cant get a game because his prime was around 2012 when he managed to hit .256 for the year.

The Cubs even said of the second baseman and his last year’s performance “Darwin may have been able to keep his everyday role if he had kept up his offensive performance of 2012 due to his defence but [his offence] just isn’t there anymore”

Darwin can play second base, that’s about it, he played a few games of shortstop in ’11 but hasn’t been there since and has made sure he knows all about the left side of the infield. The only problem with this is, well, the Dodgers already have a second baseman in All Star Dee Gordon and who can also play amazingly well at the position.

He won’t takeover from Hanley because he is the key of the Dodger’s lineup either, even if he can’t field for his life. We have also seen Rojas coming into leading games in the 7th or 8th inning to replace Hanley and the back up shortstop is just a better version of Darwin Barney.

Maybe he will play third base you ask? Nope, Uribe may win a gold glove there and Turner can play back up at the hot corner very well indeed as seen during Juan Uribe’s DL stint

The only options left are a third string job on the roster for a backup to the backup players or maybe an outfield spot to become the 7th one on the list plus Joc Pederson.

It also doesn’t seem likely that Mattingly wanted him to put on minor system either as he is passed his prime and the Dodgers have the backup in the infield position with young players.

I just can’t see why the Dodgers want him in their lists unless it is for Ramirez getting traded or somehow losing his spot but that most likely won’t happen and he is also in the talks of an extension to his already elaborate contract.


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