Yasiel Puig’s Learning Curve

Yasiel Puig can hit a baseball; in fact he can hit one a long way. However he is still young and he is only in his second year and of course this means he is still learning the ropes of Major League Baseball.

This can very easily be seen in the catch in the 8th inning against the Angels on Monday when, trailing by 5 and the very slow Albert Pujols on first, Yasiel nonchalantly caught the fly ball almost on the warning track and gave up an extra base by simply not being aware. 

Now I am not labeling him in the category of not trying, like has been said about Matt Kemp when he would jog around the bases and getting smacked with a #TradeKemp but Puig simply took it in his stride and moved on, “I wasn’t prepared,” Puig said. “I was caught with the ball in my hand.” He even got some laughs out of it as next play another fly ball got hit to Puig and he grabbed it and launched his rocket back into the infield and waved his finger at Albert who waved back. 

The Angel took it all in his step too and had his own fun with Puig, not without actually getting base, he said after the game, “I’m having fun too, he can do whatever he wants. I’m already on second base.”

I feel Puig got “Puig’ed” and he knew it and so did Don Mattingly, he knew what Puig meant by it and how he could fix it. Puig is okay, just hit more homeruns and we will love you again. Just like we now love Matt Kemp after hitting 6 home runs in 5 games.




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