Can Butera’s Blast Spark Something?

Drew Butera, on Thursday morning, smacked a ball over the left field wall against the Braves and had us all thinking, “Where has this been all year?”

The Dodgers catchers aren’t very good at hitting, in fact all three of Drew Butera, Tim Federowicz and AJ Ellis are each hitting under .200 for the year. They have only hit 4 home runs on the year too.

Not that anyone is complaining though about them because it would be easy to pick out any position in the lineup and ask the same question about where the offence is but the catchers has never arrived. Unlike Matt Kemp in centre and Adrian Gonzalez at First Base, who have both come out of slumps and gone on to win games and dominate pitching the catchers are always batting 7th or 8th and have a good case to even go below pitchers. 

There isn’t much Donnie can do either as the back ups at Albuquerque haven’t shown them selves either and one of them bit a guys ear, why did he do that? Miguel Olivo could be starting in the big leagues if he didn’t.

All we can hope for is that the offence from behind the plate picks its self up or it doesn’t cost the boys in blue down the stretch and into October but hey 5.5 games right? 

Go Blue.


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