Why The LLWS Is A Waste Of Time

13 year old “sensation” Mo’ne Davis has been all the rave this week as one of the only girls to go to WIlliamsport this year for the 68th Little League World Series but why do we all are so much about what one 13 year old is doing on a baseball field against another 13 year old?

Clayton Kershaw has accepted a pitch off against her, whatever that is, so let’s compare the pair. Kershaw is getting paid 30.7 million US dollars a year while Mo’ne is getting $0, Kershaw is in the big leagues on a big boy diamond playing against adults, Mo’ne plays against 13 year olds, some of whom will still refuse to eat their vegetables, unless it is pizza of course. 

The players in my eyes are being way too over glamorised as baseballers, they are just kids having fun and playing some ball, it is good to be competitive with it and have some series fun but when you have to perform in front of cameras and fans that aren’t just your mum, dad and auntie who thinks everything you do is great then it gets tough on a young mind.

The way kids are brought up now is such that everything they do is gold and worth a medal, the kids at the LLWS may just be starting to realise not everything they do is amazing and the best in the world, even coming second, but they’re still pretty good. The only problem with this are the kids who don’t know this yet and then will make an amazing play left field, get clapped and don’t get anything else for it. It is called the Little League for a reason and I think to make these kids feel like the next Clayton Kershaw or the next Todd Frazier just because they’ve hit a home run is a little too far for some. 

But then again how funny is it to see some young cocky stud who thinks they are the best get eliminated after going 0-3 and crying like their dreams are over for life. The kids have got it too damn good in the Little League World Series and they need to step up like a man and harden up, oh wait half of them are under 12. You see the problem?



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