Should Joc Pederson Get Called Up?

It will be the year that was if Joc Pederson somehow doesn’t go anywhere in his career and fall away as he gets old. That is so far away though and this kid has the ability to go so far.

If the Dodgers didn’t have such a star studded outfield I am sure Pederson would be in the lineup as one of the every day starters but the simple matter of fact is that there isn’t a spot available, not even on the bench! Have you heard about that Scott Van Slyke guy? Ever wondered why his nickname is Scotty Van Smash? He smashes the ball, like really well.

There is some salvation in all of this though. On September the 1st the MLB rosters expand to a 40 man one and the minor league schedules all wrap up. Joc will most likely get called up you would think as it seems a waste to keep him off the majors but Ned Colleti and his management team may be correct to leave him down.

Even with the extended rosters and all of the players and prospects that can be called up, Joc would still be number 5 or 6 on the outfielders list, that is one demoralising stat for the 22 year old.

Pederson is the number one prospect on the Dodgers lists and rightly so, he won the Pacific Coast League’s MVP and also made the All-PCL team. He also stole 30 bases and hit 30 home runs, the first player to do that since the 1934 season! This wasn’t some popularity vote either; Joc hit 304 with 33 home runs, 76 RBIs and 30 stolen bases in 118 games for his rookie season. Also being on fire in July will really help his cause, not that he needs it. He leads the whole of the PCL in runs (101), total bases (256), walks (96), on-base percentage (.434) and OPS (1.024).

Ned Colleti, the GM himself, has already said he had kept Joc, Julio Urias and Corey Seager as untouchables for the trade deadline, a promise that he kept. Every team needs prospects but the Dodgers have set them selves up perfectly for the future with these plus many more. Ned also mentioned he would promote both the outfielder and Alex Guerrero if the chances were available in the September call-ups. Good news for the Dodgers and our prospects come the future, the very near future.


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