My Opening Day Down Under Starting Line Up


Dodgers baseball is only 25 days away and the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground) is getting ready to host out boys in blue. The hype is only building as Sportsnet LA is being releases tomorrow and I’m sure Donnie Baseball is looking at all the lads at spring training to pick his optimal line up to win the first two games and go 2-0 and top of the league, hint hint Ned, Don, Clayton and Zack Greinke…

That being said this would be my starting line up for games one and two in Sydney with last year’s stats.Image

P Clayton Kershaw 16-9, 1.83 ERA, 0.92 WHIP

C A.J. Ellis .238/10HR/52RBI

1B Adrian Gonzalez: .293/22HR/100RBI

2B Alex Guerreo: Rookie.

SS Hanley Ramirez: .345/20HR/57RBI

3B Juan Uribe: .278/12HR/50RBI

LF Andre Ethier: .272/12HR/52RBI

CF Matt Kemp (Fitness Depending): .270/6HR/33RBI

RF Yasiel Puig: .319/19HR/42RBI

Of course if Kemp is not fit Crawford would fit into left with Ethier playing centre but I think we need our core of the main 3 out fielders with Carl bouncing around and playing when ever needed as a pinch hitter or a start when one of the main 3 gets tired. I don’t blame Kemp for getting angry about the 4th outfielder role he really doesn’t deserve it, he was out for an injury and now is back with 3 guys taking his place? Sorry Carl, Matt pips you this time.


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