Runs After Runs

Over the past week or so there have been 5 games the Dodgers have played in that have seen one team tally 10 runs or more. This is some feat for a string of games, especially when it isn’t the same team that is getting all of the runs but it is seemingly the Dodgers and their opponents taking turns in doing it.

Today’s 14-5 win is an example of how many runs the Dodgers are capable of scoring but the thumping last week in the first 2 games against Colorado which were 4-10 and then 2-16 shows us that we can’t always have the runs flowing in for the right team.

So who’s to blame for the runs we give up? Well the bullpen of course, right?

In these two games and the 9-0 loss to the Giants the series before it is not so much but more the starters fault. 8 runs were gave up from Haren in the first game in the first inning that had already lost it and earned the starter another loss. Then in the next game Frias was starting, even though he comes out of the bullpen on most occasions for the Dodgers, and went 0.2IP and 8ER.

Even today Kershaw gave up 3 whole runs! A shocking feat for him which raised his ERA all the way up to 1.80, lift your game please next time Clayton.

So then the next question is what is the real reason for some games being super hot and scoring runs and others where the Dodgers get shut out and we all go home sad?

It has to be a case of when one is hot so is the rest. And it doesn’t matter who is playing or in what order in the lineup because once they get a few back to back hits then that turns into rallies and runs and there is no stopping the Dodgers for those brief 3 hours of baseball.

I tweeted yesterday,

This game is so good, it’s our wake up call, no stopping us now


And I believe todays game has shown how true it is. The come from behind victory when all seemed lost against the Cubs came from that rally that started from one which spread like wildfire to the rest of the boys. Even the pitching picked up from there and everyone just clicked.

If this keeps happening it is definitely going to be that the boys in blue have come hot at the right time. Now 3 games up, and with a Giants loss today that could go out to 3.5, and the run for the pennant is well and truly under way with the magic number down to 7 for the time being.

Imagine a World Series, Dodgers v Angels and the real team from LA come through and sweep the trophy right up, winning every game by over 10 runs, we wouldn’t get the heart attacks and the struggles of a regular game as it would already be over in the first inning as it really should be.


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