What the Dodgers Should do Tomorrow to Win

The bullpen for the LA Dodgers this year and this postseason has been horrible, no doubting that. Some guys have surprised in their accuracy, movement and velocity while others have gone on a downward spiral.

One good example of the “used to be good” category is Brian Wilson while the player that’s come out of his slump is definitely Brandon League. Kenley Jansen is just amazing and has been for a while.

So today. Game 4. NLDS. Series and the season on the line. LA v St. Louis. Mattingly, the ball is in your court.

Clayton Kershaw will start and that is, without doubt, the correct decision as he is the ace, he will probably win the NL Cy Young and maybe even the MVP. Last game was a mess up on his part but it’s okay, today will be different.

Who comes out of the bullpen though? That’s what the thing on Donnie’s, and every other Dodger fans’, mind tonight.

We saw Scott Elbert come out of the bullpen tonight and nope, that didn’t work. Tied at 1, he gave up the match losing homerun that scored two. Brian Wilson came and finished it off in conjunction with JP Howell and Brandon League. This was a masterpiece from Mattingly too as now perhaps he won’t use them tomorrow in the do or die match.

Only League would be really needed in the match out of the 4 that threw and that is if Donnie wants to put him in. The four relievers that are on the 25 man postseason roster that haven’t thrown recently are Pedro Baez, Carlos Frias, Jamey Wright and Dan Haren. Dan however is a starter that can come out of relief if he is needed to for any games with Kershaw and Greinke starting the next two.

So the order out of the ‘pen for game four would be this for me, assuming Kershaw, pitching on short rest only goes 5-6 innings.

1-5,6 Kershaw
6th or 6th and 7th Haren or Wright
8th League
9th Jansen

League and Jansen have worked as a good option to close the game out all year with neither of them ever coming in and the game looking to be in some unsafe hands. The only problem for me is the short rest and the first man out of the bullpen, Haren or Wright. The real matter is there is just no one else to throw and Kershaw won’t go too many as he pitched only four days ago.

So the rest is down to Don, this is the ideal line up for me out of the bullpen with the season on the line but I still don’t think he made the right choice in his roster at all. Elbert over Paco? Baez, Frias or even Haren over Paco? Just seems to be so out of line for me when he would be so perfect to come in and get a 0 up on the board for his team when they need it.

Who would you trust more to get a 0 in one inning with a season on the line, Paco Rodriguez or Carlos Frias? I know who I’ve got.


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