Hanley Ramirez Opts to (Most Likely) Be a Free Agent

Along with the other 11 soon-to-be free agents, Dodgers shortstop Hanley Ramirez has said no to the team’s qualifying offer for $15.3 million to play on in the city of angels.

This would have been a pay cut for Hanley though as he couldn’t up the offer, not that $15 million isn’t enough for an already multimillionaire.

Seeing as he turned down the offer the Dodgers will now get a compensation pick for the 2015 draft if he decides to sign for someone else by the start of the season. The selection would come in a supplemental round between the first and second rounds of the draft.

The move was rumored to happen anyway as he removed the “Dodgers” out of his Twitter bio and replaced it with “MLB” to now just say “MLB Shortstop”.

Ramirez is ready also the change the “shortstop” bit too as he has said through his agent that he wouldn’t be against the change to move to third base, or more likely a DL in the American League. This could be because he is getting old in the baseball world, at 30, and he isn’t much of a star with the leather either.

For the Dodgers to resign Hanley if they choose to go down that path, they would need to offer a multi year deal worth about 20 million a year and also ensure him that he could play at his favorite position, shortstop, as Juan Uribe is still occupying third and doing a very solid job.

Should Ramirez disappear to another team, most likely the Mariners at this point according to lookoutlanding.com, the Dodgers would have a gaping whole with no one really looking like filling it. They have a 20 year old minor leaguer who will be a star come the future in Corey Seager and also some players in the bigs already who have played in Arruebarrena and Rojas but none could really have the every day role.

Surely LA would need to look out in the market for another star who could fill the role and that would be something for the front office and Don Mattingly to do. We shall see what happens.


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