Do the Dodgers Really Need Jon Lester?

Coming into the Winter Meetings for the MLB and the chance to get any free agent as well as any player via is trade is very enticing for any time, but especially one with the access to money that LA has stacked away. With many new front office members too, non more noticeable than a new GM, the Dodgers have reason to go after a big name, and none of which stands out more than 30 year old Starting Pitcher Jon Lester.

He spent the last year with Boston and then went over to Oakland after a trade involving such other big names as Jonny Gomes and Yoenis Cespedes and shined bright for both teams. Jon went 16-11 combined with a 2.46ERA, a record that any team would love to have in the bullpen but do LA need him that badly?

The starting pitching staff that the Dodgers have right now is impressive as ever with starters like 3 time Cy Young award winner and 1 time MVP Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke and Hyun Jin Ryu and I just don’t see why Jon Lester is of priority to them at the moment. Surely the team needs back up for these 3 plus whoever else comes in to fill number 4 and 5 in the rotation rather than just another star.

And besides the guy has had 43 plate appearances in the big leagues and never once got on first base, not even with a walk! He is .000 with 22 strikeouts, not someone we need on a team who has the silver slugger winner from a couple years ago in Greinke.

Going after Lester is a waste of time for the Dodgers and they just don’t need to do it as it is definitely not the starters who have let the team down over the past 2 or 3 seasons. Too many off and on relievers and the back up men who just aren’t reliable as you need them to be have cost the team too many runs and, in some cases, a postseason win. Once the front office upgrades them then can they go after the next star to get the bums on seats at Dodger Stadium, but that isn’t the biggest priority in LA.


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