Gordon, Haren and Rojas Gone in Blockbuster Trade

Coming into the penultimate day of the Winter Meetings, LA had done nothing and the new front office was under scrutiny. But this would all change in the next 12 hours or so.

The Dodgers ended up agreeing on sending second baseman Dee Gordon, starter Dan Haren and utility infielder Miguel Rojas to the Marlins in return for starting pitcher and top prospect Andrew Heaney, Enrique Hernandez, minor leaguer Austin Barnes and relief man Chris Hatcher.

Since the announcing of this trade Andrew Heaney has already been shipped on to the Anaheim Angels to get Howie Kendrick, the all-star second baseman from the AL, the perfect replacement for Dee Gordon. Dee hit for .289 on the year while Howie went for .293, Dee with a .326 OBP is slightly lower than Howie’s .347 and 176 hits compared to 181. Both players are very similar on offence, as goes for their defence, both have range and the arm to the make the plays while not messing up too many routine plays, with only 11 errors for Kendrick compared to Gordon’s 12.

The only real loss for LA in this trade is the speed of Dee but the power gained in Howie’s bat and the contact hitting when needed, will come in handy for the Dodgers with the second baseman of late usually never being the most reliant hitters, and now with Matt Kemp rumoured to be off to San Diego they bats will need to fire.

The Dodgers didn’t even need the starter after all as rumours of both Brandan McCarthy and Cole Hamels coming to the team are gaining momentum and seemingly all the needs to fall in place for McCarthy is the announcement of his signing. The rotation is full of stars for next year and so is the lineup with the trade to Miami and then the other LA team, the Dodgers should be happy.

So it was all star for all star but this trade certainly has the Dodgers coming out on top.


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