No More Kemp so Who Starts in the Outfield?

After the trade of Matt Kemp for Yasmani Grandal the question that Don Mattingly and his coaching staff is faced with is simply who plays in the outfield? Matt Kemp leaving does mean that five players who all had real chances of being an everyday starter is back to 4, 5 if you count Joc Pederson but that will have to wait to see how he plays in Spring Training.

In left field I have CC, Carl Crawford, after playing in 105 games of the 162 last year and putting up .300 with 8 homeruns, 46 RBIs and also a nice 23 stolen bases, I cant see anyone else who needs to be ahead of him with Kemp leaving and going to San Diego. Both Carl and Scott Van Slyke would have and should have got some more games, and they probably would have if they played for any other team, but for LA with the 5 men they had in the outfield that wasn’t ever going to happen. This year will be Carl’s year, he has left field all to himself and if he wants it, it can stay that way for the whole 162 games.

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