Alex Guerrero, Juan Uribe or Justin Turner, Who Should be Starting?

Alex Guerrero has been dubbed by some as, “the hottest hitter in baseball right now”, or the everyday third baseman for LA. This is all rubbish.

There is no way in the world that this 28 year old rookie out of Cuba should be starting over the likes of Juan Uribe, when he’s healthy, or even Justin Turner, a man who had every shit at the role coming into the back end of last year’s season.

Yes Guerrero has been good and he probably should be getting more time than he is under Don Mattingly but he should not be starting.

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Dodgers Drop Game 2 via some Unneeded Help

Rule 7.09(g) of the Major League Baseball states,

It is interference by a batter or runner when … In the judgment of the umpire, the base coach at third base, or first base, by touching or holding the runner, physically assists him in returning to or leaving third base or first base [this results in an out]

In today’s Dodgers and Giants game, this exact thing happened.

With the runners on first and second, Brandon Belt hit a line drive through the short stop and third basemen’s hole for a single. Gregor Blanco rounded third and was held there by the base coach.

With no signs or warning, just his body.

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Brandon McCarthy Isn’t Terrible, He’s Actually Quite Amazing

Upon watching the first game of this regular season between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals at the ever-stunning Wrigley Field, John Kruk, on ESPN, pointed out that the reason Adam Wainwright was so good that night was because all of his stuff fooled batters; made them swing at pitches out of the strike zone. Now, of course this is the case, not too many guys can get lucky on wild swings at pitches with their arms fully extended or when their knuckles are jarred up.

For Brandon McCarthy of the Dodgers though this was not the case for him in the opening game against the Mariners at Dodger Stadium on Monday.

McCarthy’s line of 7IP, 6H, 5ER and 10K’s can be taken in a number of ways. Firstly, the K’s, he struck out 10, that is a good effort on a number of levels. But the reason he struck out all those Mariners was because of his ability to drop the ball out of the zone with his sinker, which accounted for 8 of his strikeouts.

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Julio Urias’ First Start in AA

Ranked number 8 by on their prospect lists for the whole of baseball and up there with one of the best 18 year olds as of right now, southpaw Julio Urias made his first start in the highest team he has ever played for, the Tulsa Drillers of AA.

As the Dodgers are managing his pitch count and starts they never usually go for more than 5 innings and today was no different, Julio threw 74 pitches for his 15 outs, a nice economy rate to keep the count low.

Some people wanted Urias up in the pen or even starting for LA in the 2015 season but this wont happen just yet. Although his first outing did show he has some potential. Urias went 5IP, gave up 2H and only 1BB with 4K’s and didn’t concede a run. A performance that would have given him the win on most occasions was spoiled by an error in the 9th, causing the Drillers to go down 1-0.

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Why Joc Pederson is too Young to Start in Centre Field

Joc Pederson doesn’t need to be the every day centre fielder just yet for the Dodgers. He is 22, for the start of the season anyway, this one-year isn’t his whole career, if he doesn’t start for this year that means nothing. Joc Pederson will be the Dodgers centre fielder for the next 5, 10 years if nothing else goes wrong.

The thing I can’t see about him from this year’s perspective is that the Dodgers have a realistic chance at that ever illustrious World Series trophy. A 22-year-old Rookie in centre field, no matter how good he is, will have nerves and excitement and that is good, it is fine. Why throw him into the deep end from game one?

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Who “Won” the Matt Kemp Trade?

After Matt Kemp went 2-4 in his return to LA playing in right field, hitting all 3 of the Padres RBIs with one of his hits coming off a double, people were left shattered that the Dodgers traded him away; maybe, probably, they were wrong.

Apart from the fact that one game is not enough to determine whether a trade was successful or not, the main man LA got in return didn’t even play, not because he isn’t worth the Opening Day start but because it seems Clayton Kershaw has a personal catcher, and when you are the reigning MVP and Cy Young winner, you can really get what you want.

The actual trade was Matt Kemp and then minor league catcher Tim Federowicz to San Diego in return for big league catcher Yasmani Grandal, Joe Wieland and Zach Eflin.

Zach Eflin, who never made it past high A was then moved on, along with Tom Windle in exchange for the new shortstop for LA, Jimmy Rollins. Both of these young guys have never seen any AA or higher ball but are only 20 and 23 respectively. Continue reading