Dodgers Drop Game 2 via some Unneeded Help

Rule 7.09(g) of the Major League Baseball states,

It is interference by a batter or runner when … In the judgment of the umpire, the base coach at third base, or first base, by touching or holding the runner, physically assists him in returning to or leaving third base or first base [this results in an out]

In today’s Dodgers and Giants game, this exact thing happened.

With the runners on first and second, Brandon Belt hit a line drive through the short stop and third basemen’s hole for a single. Gregor Blanco rounded third and was held there by the base coach.

With no signs or warning, just his body.

Blanco runs into third base coach in the ninth inning

Blanco runs into third base coach in the ninth inning

The thing that angered me, and most Dodger fans (including players) about this was the third base umpire looking into the outfield and not at the bag.

Both Brandon McCarthy and Brett Anderson showed their frustration on twitter.

The explination third base umpire Fieldin Culbreth gave was simple,

If he (Roberto Kelly) doesn’t physically assist (Blanco) in returning to the base then there’s no interference.

The only problem was he sure did help him get back to the base.

With the score at 2-2 and it being the bottom of the ninth maybe the umpire should have been doing his job, just a thought.

This was a sour end to the game as Joe Panik then sent one into center field for a sacrifice fly and the game winning run.

This was also Kershaw’s fourth start, and not that he was in line for the W but today’s game means his ERA is a shocking 4.07 for his standard with a win/loss of 1-1 but no need for panic as it is only 14 games into a 162 game season.

This has been the story of the series for LA, whether it has been their own luck or at the hands of someone else. For example in the first inning of yesterday’s game Puig hit a line drive right into the first baseman’s glove starting a double play with a runner on first.

Hopefully the Dodger’s luck flips around tomorrow at 3:45 when the final game of the 3 game set will be played at AT&T Park.


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