Uribe, Withrow Traded to Atlanta

The news broke of a trade between the two clubs early this week with rumors of Juan Uribe being shipped off to Atlanta in exchange for another infielder Alberto Callaspo coming to the Dodgers in a straight one for one swap.

This deal didn’t go through however as Callaspo vetoed the deal, causing more negotiations to be had. The Dodgers seemed determined to get rid of Juan as now, with Justin Turner really finding his step and coming up with hit after hit, the every day third baseman role seems to be his. This would mean that LA are paying 6.5 million dollars this year for a backup 36 year old third baseman, something that is absurd to anyone, except well Atlanta as now they have the salary and need to their backup.

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Hector Olivera Is (Officially) A Dodger

On Tuesday it was announced that Hector Olivera was officially with the Dodgers organisation in a press conference with the head of baseball operations, Andrew Friedman.

Olivera played in the Cuban league with the Santiago de Cuba team from when he was 17 up until 2012, at the age of 27. In his 10 seasons he hit for .323 batting average with 96 homeruns and 433 RBIs.

Although the 30 year old has signed a major league contract, worth 62.5 million dollars; including a 28 million signing bonus which he will receive on 5 days, Hector will start in Single A Rancho Cucamonga for “a few games” and then send him onto AAA Oklahoma and will stay there until he is MLB ready.

At this point it’s premature to speculate [when Olivera will be MLB-ready]. We’ve seen it with guys in the past, it’s hard to miss Spring Training and come out at hit the ground running, but everyone’s different and I don’t know the answer to that right now.

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Urias Out For A Month

The number one prospect in the whole of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ organisation is out for a month to have eye surgery.

Julio Urias has been lights out this year so far in AA, starting 7 games so far and, even with his 1-2 record, has posted a 3.00 ERA, not bad for an 18 year old in his first year of AA ball. This sits nicely along side his first two years of his career, with a 2.58 ERA in around 180 innings.

Urias had always had this eye tumor, he developed it as a kid but it has never been a problem. This week however Julio decided to get it removed, with surgery in Phoenix on the 28th, sidelining him for around 20 days after it, with the goal to be back by the end of June.

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Why Didn’t Adrian Gonzalez Bat in the 9th Inning

With Joc leading off, Jimmy batting 2 and Adrian batting in the clean up spot for the last week or so; there are definitely some things that need changing in the Dodger line up.

Joc could be a very good lead off man and I wrote about this exact thing yesterday but there is no way his current “hit home runs every at bat” mind set is going to do that for him. He has the speed and everything but the experience that is needed isn’t quite there. Read about that here.

As for who should lead the games off, that’s up for debate. Try moving Howie there for a few games and see what he can do or even Rollins just to see if the numbers increase. It can’t be Joc though just yet, he isn’t ready but again, he will be come next year or soon enough.

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How Joc Pederson Has Earned His Spot in the Starting Line Up

At the start of the year I was not Joc’s biggest fan, in fact I didn’t think he should have been starting on Opening Day or even at all for the first few weeks but now my view was completely swung. He has gone from being an automatic out into someone who I trust to hit the long ball and get the job done.

However, there is no way Joc is ready for the lead off spot just yet. There are some things lately that need to be pointed out such as his need to hit homeruns from the first pitch.

There is no doubt that Joc can hit a long ball. In fact his homerun today was an absolute bomb. The only problem was before that Joc was 0-3 with 3 K’s. In the first inning, batting lead off the count was 1-1 and Joc took an almighty off balance swing and missed it. Some will say that is good batting and he was trying to use his power but that isn’t what the lead off spot is about.

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