Why Didn’t Adrian Gonzalez Bat in the 9th Inning

With Joc leading off, Jimmy batting 2 and Adrian batting in the clean up spot for the last week or so; there are definitely some things that need changing in the Dodger line up.

Joc could be a very good lead off man and I wrote about this exact thing yesterday but there is no way his current “hit home runs every at bat” mind set is going to do that for him. He has the speed and everything but the experience that is needed isn’t quite there. Read about that here.

As for who should lead the games off, that’s up for debate. Try moving Howie there for a few games and see what he can do or even Rollins just to see if the numbers increase. It can’t be Joc though just yet, he isn’t ready but again, he will be come next year or soon enough.

In the 2 hole, this is where you bat Joc, Howie or Jimmy depending on who is leading off. If Joc were to go here give him the opportunity to hit bombs IF and only if the lead off man doesn’t get on, otherwise make him do the team thing as, after all, he’s a rookie and that would help the team.

BAT ADRIAN GONZALEZ AT 3! Who’s the best batter in the team? Adrian. Who’s hit the most home runs? Adrian. Who just won NL players of the month? Adrian. Who gets more at bats, 3 hole or clean up? The 3 man. So bat him 3! It’s simple. Even today in the game against the Brewers with L.A. down by 1 and Howie Kendrick, batting in the 3 hole, came to the plate with 2 out and nobody on.

Simple question. With the game on the line would you prefer Adrian Gonzalez or Howie Kendrick right now? That’s what the game is about. Beating the Brewers today.

How does Adrian not get the extra at bat and try to tie up the game. I don’t get it. Surely you want your best batter to get the at bat that will decide the game over any other player. Now I’m not saying bat Adrian lead off to get the most at bats because that it is silly when it comes to stealing bases and batting for a high OBP.

If Gonzalez does but 3 then bat Howie in the clean up spot or Joc and give him that home run chance. It seems like a basic solution for Mattingly and I don’t even know why Donnie played around with the middle of the lineup because it seemed to be working quite well. I get Jimmy Rollins’ sub .200 average isn’t lead off material but just swap him for someone lower on and don’t move the key men in the line up.

Once Yasiel Puig comes back I expect a different story with him batting 2, allowing Joc to lead off because that is what Mattingly will do but I would like to see Howie or Jimmy leading off, Puig 2, Gonzo 3 and then Joc. It just makes sense to me.

/end rant.


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