Urias Out For A Month

The number one prospect in the whole of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ organisation is out for a month to have eye surgery.

Julio Urias has been lights out this year so far in AA, starting 7 games so far and, even with his 1-2 record, has posted a 3.00 ERA, not bad for an 18 year old in his first year of AA ball. This sits nicely along side his first two years of his career, with a 2.58 ERA in around 180 innings.

Urias had always had this eye tumor, he developed it as a kid but it has never been a problem. This week however Julio decided to get it removed, with surgery in Phoenix on the 28th, sidelining him for around 20 days after it, with the goal to be back by the end of June.

Photo Day at Camelback Ranch

Photo Day at Camelback Ranch

The lefty had already had three operations on his eye and when approached about it at Spring Training he said, “That’s how God works, he gave me a bad left eye but a good left arm.”

He also did pick to have this surgery as it was not hindering anything to do with baseball or life but as you would with a tumour in your eye socket, surgery does look like the best option for the young man with the personal goal of pitching in the big leagues this year.


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