Uribe, Withrow Traded to Atlanta

The news broke of a trade between the two clubs early this week with rumors of Juan Uribe being shipped off to Atlanta in exchange for another infielder Alberto Callaspo coming to the Dodgers in a straight one for one swap.

This deal didn’t go through however as Callaspo vetoed the deal, causing more negotiations to be had. The Dodgers seemed determined to get rid of Juan as now, with Justin Turner really finding his step and coming up with hit after hit, the every day third baseman role seems to be his. This would mean that LA are paying 6.5 million dollars this year for a backup 36 year old third baseman, something that is absurd to anyone, except well Atlanta as now they have the salary and need to their backup.

In the end a new deal was proposed that would see Juan Uribe and Chris Withrow go to the Braves in exchange for Callaspo, Eric Stults, Ian Thomas and Juan Jaime.

Only Callaspo would stay up with the big league club as Stults got optioned straight away to AAA Oklahoma City and Thomas has been DFA’d. Jaime however is back in Arizona with the ‘Extended Dodger Spring Training Camp’, but he should find himself in the minor leagues for LA soon.

So who is going to win this trade?

It seems the Dodgers were prepared to give the role to Justin Turner for now, as manager Don Mattingly said “In professional sports, the guy that performs is the guy that plays, Justin has swung the bat well, Alex has swung the bat well, and we’ve been trying to find playing time for him.”

Another point out of that quote is Alex Guerrero, he now has the backup third baseman role it would seem, leaving Uribe, who really can only play one position to be not needed and seen as a part of the Dodgers’ history they can let go.

Callaspo though will never be a big time, all-star player, he is just the average guy. Always hits for the average with it fluctuating from anywhere between .300 and .220 in his last 10 years or so and now with his 6th team he should be a key man coming off the bench for LA and being able to play third, second or even outfield if he is needed.

Chris Withrow was a key man in the Dodgers’ 2014 campaign but now he seems to have fallen out of the list. He didn’t pitch a game in the big leagues this year as he is recovering from Tommy John surgery in December but the 24 year old should find a good career on the Atlanta active roster should the elbow stay healthy.

As for the other 3 pitchers the Dodgers received, there isn’t much to say there, they’re all minor leaguers with the exception of Stults who could be a handy backup for the starting pitching role in LA but shouldn’t get a regular job on the main roster for some time.

So in the end it was probably a trade that had to happen for LA’s financial sake, it didn’t hurt too much on the baseball side of things but no one will ever forget Juan in the 2013 NLDS failing to bunt, twice, and then hitting the go ahead blast as “A high fly ball into deep left field way down the line… and its gone!” Thanks Vin for the call


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