Why Corey Seager Should Be Staying in the Minors

Corey Seager is on fire this year for the Oklahoma City Dodgers, he’s hit .299 with 4 home runs and 20 RBIs in just 41 games. Of course this stat line looks a lot better than the current starting short stop for the franchise Jimmy Rollins but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Corey should be starting for LA over him.

Jimmy brings experience, pose, speed and leadership to the team and at 36 the first year Dodger knows how to play well in the big leagues. He even started the year at lead off before Joc Pederson, who was perhaps a little too hastily put there in the lead off spot, took over for the season. But for now and for Jimmy his bat is lumping and his average is fluctuating around the .200 mark. However this isn’t the end of the world for Jimmy or LA.

Even with his bat not performing and being as good as the Dodgers expected from him, Jimmy, at 36, is still a valuable asset to the team and isn’t exactly costing the Dodgers many games if at all this year. The best thing that Rollins brought to the team this year instead of Hanley Ramirez was his defense. This year at shortstop he is fielding a solid .975 with only 6 errors. This is considerably better then Ramirez’ .961 and the inexplicable things he did at shortstop in a major league game. This of course is where Corey doesn’t have the experience that Jimmy as and at the start of his career wont field the shortstop position as well as Jimmy. This year already in the minors he is .969 and with the added pressure of the big leagues that could drop.Corey Seager

Call Corey up in the September roster expansions by all means when there is enough room for him to play in LA but for now the spot on the 25 man roster isn’t there for him. Kike has been playing well off the bench, Callaspo was only just picked up in a trade and with Olivera coming up through the minors too as an infielder for Corey to get a game there would have to be 2 or 3 injuries or a shock trade with someone ahead of him. Dropping Jimmy for Corey also would be a disaster for LA as for that to happen there would have to be a trade as Rollins would not accept to the minor league assignment too easily.

But of course this is a good problem to have and for the front office in LA this problem is much like the outfield one of years past. There is no doubt that Corey Seager will have an amazing career in LA, could be one of the best players in the world if he reaches his very high ceiling but for right now and for winning the World Series ring the team needs Jimmy over him just for this year and maybe next then we will see Corey in LA by the start of 2017, guarantee it.


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