Does Justin Turner Deserve to be an All Star?

With the All Star weekend fast approaching and voting well underway, there are still many positions with massive debates over who should be starting them. In the NL especially where the voting hasn’t been a joke and where there isn’t a team who was 8 of the 9 starters the votes are close, especially in the infield.

Does Justin Turner fit into this list with the likes of Dee Gordon, Jhonny Peralta, Todd Frazier and Brandon Crawford? In my eyes he should be on the NL’s list and even with a chance at starting on July 14 in The Great American Ballpark.

Not only has he recently been promoted to the third spot in the LA line up and even overtaken the hot Adrian Gonzalez (who is 2nd on the 1st base voting) he has also had a career best year in home runs and only 15 RBIs off his best with half the season to go.

Once dropped by the Mets, the ex Baltimore Oriole and New York Met has never been this good. In 2015 alone he is hitting a .316/.388/.567 line, this being right up there with some of the bets in the league at the moment like Buster Posey, Mike Trout and Yunel Escobar.


Turner has been the star in LA of late with the clutch home runs and the big hits when they were needed, he even made the Uribe and Callaspo trade much easier as he can play most infield positions well and by the deal was starting every day over Juan anyway.

Then the question of is there anyone better comes up and in the place of Turner this year there sure might be. It could be Todd Fraizer, Kris Bryant, Nolan Arenado or even Matt Carpenter, some haven’t quite performed this year but would Turner, only with his late run, try and get ahead of them and the case for this year would have to be no. Next year too might be a challenge with Bryant only going to get better and with the third base position being contested very heavily but the form of late for Justin will have to stay.

The fact he wont be an All Star this year with the votes closing in a couple days means that he just left his run too late, although he’s been good all year the name will only now be set up for the run at the game next year with him probably being on the ballot if he can keep this form of late up to some degree.


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