3 Reasons Why Clayton Kershaw Should be an All Star

With the bulk of the rosters set and in a game that does actually count, there seems to be one blaring omission from Bruce Bochy’s National League team to represent the league on July 14 in Cincinnati. Clayton Kershaw has been lights out over the past two and bit years with the rest of his career being just short of the high standards he sets for himself and the fact that he isn’t in the team as of now, is an outrage.

Sure he is in the final vote and is a one in 5 chance at the spot but the Texas native needed to have his spot secured by either the fans or Bochy before it got to this.

Even some of the most recognised national pundits apparently agree, as ESPN’s Buster Olney listed Kershaw the most glaring omission from either league. FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal urged fans to vote for Kershaw and “save our sport from looking dumb.”

  1. Clayton Kershaw is the reigning National League MVP. So basically if you don’t know what this means, it is that he was the best player out of the 943 that played in the NL last year. Clayton Kershaw was better than 99.89% of the players. How is this man not in the All Star game? Especially in a game that actually has some impact on the outcome of the year and the eventual World Series Champions to not include the best player is ludicrous. Even the Twitter vote hashtag is showing this with #MVPtoASG.

  1. He is also the reigning Cy Young winner. In fact he has won 3 of the last 4 Cy Young’s. In 2011 he won, in 2012 he came second, in 2013 he won and last year, in 2014, Kershaw received 30 first place votes out of a possible thirty. He beat out the likes of Wainwright, Cueto, Bumgarner and Hammels for the win. That is no mean feet and he is only the second man to ever win 3 in 4 years (Randy Johnson ‘99-’02). How this man is not in the All Star game with those credentials is beyond me and a lot of the Dodgers’ organisation, this is seen with some of the players taking to Twitter so show the frustration.



  1. He is also the ace on the team that in leading the NL West. The Dodgers pitching staff, when all healthy, goes 1. Kershaw, 2. Greinke, 3. Ryu. Therefore Clayton Kershaw, a man not in the All Star game, is better than Zack Greinke a man who is in the All Star game. Now I’m not saying that Zack hasn’t had an amazing year, in fact his 26 inning scoreless streak is setting all kinds of records but Kershaw has shown he is on the same level as him this year. In face just yesterday Kersh went a full game with 13 strikeouts and no runs against him. That is some sort of All Star form if you ask me.

This is one of the most important games of the year for working out who gets the World Series in their backyards (whether this is good or not is another story for another day) but how the best pitcher in the MLB over the past 4 years and a once in a lifetime hurler is not playing for that is beyond me.

In fact this game may give the Dodgers the home field advantage or not, so in our case as Dodger fans, it is pretty serious.


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