Zack Greinke’s Early Case for the NL Cy Young

After today’s dominant performance over the Washington Nationals, going 8 scoreless innings with 8 strikeouts, Zack Greinke is firming as favourite for the National League Cy Young winner and rightly so.

Zack started the All Star game, last week too, going two innings and only allowing the lead off homerun by super star Mike Trout. This one run was the only one he has allowed in his last 45 and 2/3 innings of baseball. In the MLB though that feet now is up to 43 and 2/3 scoreless innings, tying Orel Hershiser for most consecutive scoreless starts by a Dodger at 6.

Not only has he got a record of 8-2 in just 18 games started but he also has an ERA of 1.39, challenging Bob Gibson’s modern day era record of 1.12 in 1968. Zack’s ERA is lower than ever for Clayton Kershaw, even last season when he did the double, winning the Cy Young and the MVP.

Greinke even came up against the second placed pitcher for NL ERA in Max Scherzer but even with his 2.11 ERA coming into today Zack still threw 119 pitches, with the heat rising at times to over 100 degrees.

No one had any words but superlatives for this streak and the game he pulled out of the hat on Sunday, with Don Mattingly saying, “It’s weapons, and the more weapons you have to be able to go attack guys. Because you can’t attack all guys the same.”

Just to add to the already difficult job of pitching in 100 degree heat with only a one run lead and a streak to preserve a foul ball of catcher Yasmani Grandal’s foot meant that AJ Ellis needed to come in cold off the bench not having sat down in any meetings or known what Greinke was doing so he told him to work off what he knew and from then on AJ didn’t call a single pitch, of course Zack still managed 3 strikeouts after that. In fact he didn’t allow another base runner.

“It’s not really tough, because AJ is the most prepared guy there is.” Greinke said.

Zack’s year has been exactly like this too, he has worked hard and never really had a terrible start, his two losses coming off the run the offense had of only scoring 5 runs behind Zack in 9 starts. Not that it fazed the right-hander, staying strong and only losing two games. Combined those two games were hit for 2 earned runs, that says something about this guy, he could be an easy 13-0 as of now.


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