Yasiel Puig Getting Traded?

Yesterday the Dodgers announced that Cuban phenom Yasiel Puig was available to be traded away come the deadline in 3 days but “only if demands are met”, this could be either a huge success for LA or a terrible one, but what would the Dodgers get out of a deal like this.

Puig has hit .305 with 35HR and 111 RBI in his first ever 250 games in the majors. These are all star numbers and he is only a sophomore in the league. In fact in his first 2 years he was 15th and 19th respectively in MVP voting, and also being 2nd in the NL for Rookie of the Year in 2013.

There isn’t any doubt among the league that Yasiel could be a star, which is why the terms would have to blow the Dodgers away for this once in a generation player.

The Dodgers have also been known to trace away the fan favorites for the best players like Dee Gordon but also the likes of Juan Uribe, the only difference there is Juan had a fair amount of money left on his contract for a few years, something that the Dodgers have avoided with Puig. The native of Cuba’s contract only gives him 19.5 million over the next three years, a price that anyone would like to snap up Yasiel for and one, in relative terms to the rest of the Dodgers’ stars, that isn’t really that expensive for the number one payroll in the league.

The question would have to be who could give the Dodgers this equal value and with the Dodgers’ ‘win now’ mentality, in the outfield Yasiel is a huge asset for the World Series ring that the club isn’t too far on the horizon.

“I’ll play anywhere,” Puig told Dodgers beat writer Dylan Hernandez. “I came to the United States [from Cuba] to play baseball. Baseball is the same anywhere. If they want to trade me, that’s their decision. I can’t do anything about that.”

This was the same mentality Dee Gordon had said Puig, who brought up Dee when talking about a possible trade in a press conference during the week, “[He] didn’t want to be traded from here and they traded him”

Even though Yasiel has had his run ins with the law, was allegedly smuggled into the country and has been labeled a show off and an arrogant player by some players, for the club to get rid of him for something less than an All Star and some prospects would be preposterous.

Rumour has it that Cole Hammels could be coming to the Dodgers but with the Texas Rangers allegedly leading that race, and because Cole wouldn’t be enough for Yasiel that trade doesn’t seem like it has the ability to go through.

The only thing I am certain of is that it is the trade deadline week and the MLB never fails to surprise us, I’m looking at you Toronto and Colorado.


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