Chase Utley to LA After Long Awaited Trade

Howie Kendrick, Kike Hernandez, Alex Guerrero and Justin Turner. These four are all ahead of Chase Utley in the pecking order for time at second and third base this year with Jimmy Rollins and Adrian Gonzalez seeming sure players at their respective positions.

So why did LA take on Chase? Well in his 12 and a half years in the MLB and also with the Phillies, Chase has been one of the better players on their roster hitting some .282 and being an NL All Star for 6 years with the privilege of having a World Series ring to his name.

The only problem for now is Utley is 36, he is being paid 6 million dollars for the remainder of the year and even though Philadelphia are paying 4 million of it to help the deal go through LA increase their lead in the MLB’s biggest payroll category to $307 million with the Yankees being some $17 million behind in second. Another two million dollars for his by out next year if he doesn’t fit and isn’t needed and this is a pretty expensive deal.

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Mat Latos Sent to the Bullpen

After coming over from Miami with now DFA’d Michael Morse, Mat Latos hasn’t been all that the Dodgers have wanted from the veteran starter. Mat has gone 0-2 in his 3 starts with LA and sporting a 6.75 ERA, one that is considerably worse than his 4.48 with Miami.

Latos’ stats really don’t help him here either, his OBP, OPS, batting average against and slugging percentage are all the highest it’s ever been with a team and his maximum pitches for LA this year are only 85 in 6IP, his best start for LA only giving up 1 run.

Even though he was 4-7 Latos had showed good signs for the year with only giving up 6 earned runs in his last 4 starts over 26IP but going 2-2. Seemingly the problem there, as the Dodgers have sometimes had is the offence not supporting their starting pitchers when they did it.

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What Role Should Kike Hernandez Play?

So far in Kike’s year he has played every position on a major league field except catching, first base and pitching. This is not a bad resume and one that every team would like to have on their team, fortunately enough the Los Angeles Dodgers have this and he’s playing on the bench, but is this the right move for a player hitting .300 in his second year in the big leagues.

Although only 23 Kike has already shown one of the elders on the team taking fake selfies with All Star Adrian Gonzalez and seemingly being one of the leaders for even the middle age guys to look up to.

But should he be starting? The first question that comes to mind is where would he play, second is an All Stars, as is shortstop’s. Over at third there is Justin Turner who is lighting it up this year and in replacement for him Alex Guerrero who was going to be the every day third baseman after the Uribe trade but hasn’t played much there since. The outfield too is pretty crowded and with Carl Crawford coming back from the DL too this looks to be another dead end. So what is in line for Kike?

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