Mat Latos Sent to the Bullpen

After coming over from Miami with now DFA’d Michael Morse, Mat Latos hasn’t been all that the Dodgers have wanted from the veteran starter. Mat has gone 0-2 in his 3 starts with LA and sporting a 6.75 ERA, one that is considerably worse than his 4.48 with Miami.

Latos’ stats really don’t help him here either, his OBP, OPS, batting average against and slugging percentage are all the highest it’s ever been with a team and his maximum pitches for LA this year are only 85 in 6IP, his best start for LA only giving up 1 run.

Even though he was 4-7 Latos had showed good signs for the year with only giving up 6 earned runs in his last 4 starts over 26IP but going 2-2. Seemingly the problem there, as the Dodgers have sometimes had is the offence not supporting their starting pitchers when they did it.

Although not necessarily needed Mat was brought in to help the two aces the Dodgers have in Greinke and Kershaw to see out more innings and get deeper into games. However this isn’t the case and the bullpen especially has been letting them down as of late, blowing wins and rarely coming in and helping out.

However in an interview Tuesday Don Mattingly helped out speculation with the newest addition to the bullpen? Mat Latos.

While the move seems to be to keep both Zack and Clayton in order with their scheduled starts, mentioning he will be in the bullpen for the remainder of the road trip (10-11 days) is something that Mattingly has an idea behind.

For the year the bullpen’s ERA are 4.30, ranking some 23rd in baseball, with a 65.31% save percentage too, 22nd in the MLB. The only good thing that is there for the bullpen is the amount of innings pitched, coming in 3rd last with only 329.2.

There are clearly problems and Donnie doesn’t want to rely on who he had there for much longer but why he didn’t bring anyone up from AAA Oklahoma is still to be seen.


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