What Should LA Do With Yasmani Grandal?

AJ Ellis has been red hot of late, hitting .333 since the first of September. This is good for anyone but for AJ and a catcher, a position the Dodgers have struggled with offensively for sometime, this is outstanding. I know it isn’t a whole year’s worth of stats but with the play offs coming round the corner this is a good sign for everyone involved, especially considering Don Mattingly thinks of Ellis as “just a back up”.

Yasmani Grandal is the complete opposite, brought over to help with offense as well as defence with only AJ and Drew Butera being the stock at the time, Yas has definitely done that in his relatively short tenure with LA. However the now injured catcher has some problems, he is 0 for his last 33, he has a bung left shoulder and his swing isn’t what it used to be, especially in this slump.

The first problem that LA and Donnie come up with is simply do they need him. Do the Dodgers need to risk the injury more for the sake of playoffs during September and the early days in October or do they rest him up and get him ready for the run to the pennant. Continue reading