Who Takes the NLDS?

Tied at 1 going into the most crucial game of the series, if not the most crucial in the year for both sides, LA will send Brett Anderson to the hill to face the infamous of late Matt Harvey.

Matt has had his fair share of bad publicity in the New York media over the past few weeks. First off it was his innings count limit that shadowed him pitching in the last bit of the season and now it is him not showing up to a compulsory team workout, a day before the NLDS started. In a year where the Mets have a chance to go forward and actually make some waves and with Matt being rather good at throwing a ball, he should probably think about letting his team have the best chance of winning and not try to make everyone hate him.

His reception into Citi Field will be interesting enough tomorrow night but if he loses or gets hit around the park courtesy of the Dodgers, the crowd may turn and start to not want him on their team for much longer. It is a cutthroat city in New York and if they don’t like you then you don’t have much hope.

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Who Will Win the NLDS and Why

Since the 6th of April, opening day at Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers have played 162 games and clinched both the NL West and home field advantage in the first round of playoffs, the NLDS. But none of the 162 games during the last 6 months matter anymore as a 5 game series against the New York Mets will decide the fate of the teams.

The major concern with the Dodgers has been who will pitch game 3, the first at Citi Field with Kershaw and Greinke being unable after probably going in the first two. It seems to be between Alex Wood and Brett Anderson, both of whom have showed they can pitch when it matters in tight spots but neither has excelled as of late.

No doubt this is disappointing to Mattingly as the season wound down with him wanting one of the two to step up like Seager has, and taken the starting role, but neither starting pitcher has done that. Wood went 2-3 with a 5.08 ERA in September, not exactly October standard and with Anderson going 1-1 with a 6.20 ERA the decision for Donnie will be hard.

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