Zack Greinke is Gone.

When Zack Greinke signed for LA he was supposed to help out Kershaw and the pitching staff as a stunning number 2 guy, the best in baseball. Now for Zack his amazing 2015 has had him worth a lot more and in a contract year for the ex Brewer this was something that just had to happen.

Now he is an ex-Dodger.

His legacy with LA, while short, was large and he left the team just shy of a couple World Series rings, but certainly not his fault. However to join a rival team in the same division is disgusting, Zack, a family man, someone who has had the best intentions at heart all along is seemingly no more than chasing money.

LA wouldn’t sign him for reportedly not agreeing to the guaranteed 6th year, most likely being that the club was looking at a team option for year number 6, rightly so given they would be forking out over 30 million a year, but for Zack he wanted 6 years with some good pay days to look forward to.

This new deal is with the Arizona Diamondbacks, the same team that has had little going for them in the last few years, finishing in the bottom three of the division last year and now have a starter that won’t do much good for them. Greinke had the option to stay with the Dodgers, a team that would go a long way once again in October but is clearly chasing the money and a good future. The baseball career of Zack Greinke is over in terms of rings and team rewards, clearly he wants the money and the individual glory.

This new contract, rumored to be $206 million over 6 years ($34.3 million a year) fits in very nicely for his new intentions, those that will only be after that money. Now he finds himself in a worse place to live, a state with a lower tax rate too at 4.5% compared to California’s 13%, again showing this need for money.

It isn’t like the Dodgers would not have paid him, LA were looking at around $155 million for 5 years, an average of a little less than the new deal with the D-Backs but a chance at glory, a World Series ring or two and a home in a place he has been for years before.

What does this mean for the division and for LA? Well Opening Day 2016 now sets up as Clayton v Zack, a battle that, after the heat between these two clubs of late, may set up a new rivalry, one that will only help LA in getting its revenge on the field. For the rest of the division, San Francisco missed out on a good starter for their rotation and now for Colorado and San Diego they are more likely to come up against a better Arizona team, a third place last year that may come close but won’t rival the top two for the 2016 NL West pennant.


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