Starting Lineup for the 2016 LA Dodgers

After my previous article about who should play where in the field for LA, we now need to focus on something that Mattingly didn’t do very well last year, the lineup card, especially in the leadoff position. A few candidates pop up for the top of the lineup; from 1 to about 4 and with the departure of Jimmy Rollins last year and then the failed experiment of Joc Pederson we should see some changes for this upcoming season.

1.Carl Crawford (LF) 

Although not assured to start on April 4, Carl and his speed is the biggest asset to the top of the lineup with Joc moving down as a result of his many, many K’s in the top spot. Although last year his OBP was just over .300, he only played in 60 odd games and never got his chance to get hot with injuries plaguing what would have been an alright season for the now 33 year old. The only man to get more stolen bases in 2015 was Jimmy Rollins but seeing as he is now gone, and Corey Seager is taking his spot in shortstop it would seem the speed will have to come from Carl. Continue reading


Los Angeles Dodgers’ Starting Day Fielding Positions

After last year’s mixing and moving between AAA and the majors, Corey Seager’s discovery and the almost impending loss of Howie Kendrick, only to be brought back by new manager Dave Roberts and his staff, this year’s opening day lineup will be an interesting but mostly similar to last year’s.

Changes will come through out the season with some bench players from last year such as Guerrero, Hernandez and maybe even mixing time between Andre Ethier and the overpaid Carl Crawford, all pushing for a job come mid season and the late season playoff push. But for April 4, we should see a very solid defensive lineup with batting strung through out and Clayton Kershaw holding it down off the rubber.

(All statistics are from the 2015 regular season)

Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw, 16-7, 2.13 ERA.

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