What Will LA do with Alex Guerrero?

Before the season began, during Spring Training, Guerrero injured his left knee and has been carrying soreness ever since which saw him start the season on the 15 day DL, a place he finds himself today.

When Alex was ready to return to the ball club the Dodgers placed him on a rehab assignment with High-A Rancho Cucamonga hitting only .269 with 7 for 26. This is about where he should be in the majors if he follows expectations but in A+ someone of major league standard should be nearing .300 if not there.

The front office in LA thought it would be beneficial for him to be promoted to AA Tulsa where he has found himself now, the only problem with this is that he is hitting 1-30 in his 8 games with 5 strikeouts. He has found himself at both 3B and LF, this hasn’t changed much for his offence however with his only hit coming 4 games ago, since then he is 0-12 with 2 K’s.

Going 8-58 in your minor league assignment isn’t pretty for anyone, let alone someone who could easily find themselves in AAA with another organisation, as he hasn’t fully reached his potential just yet.

This won’t be helping Guerrero’s case as he is needing to either be promoted back to the major leagues by Monday or the Dodgers will be realising the Cuban and paying him out the remainder of his contract which at the moment is about $8 million.

If the Dodgers do choose to take him back and send him to the MLB, they will need to remove someone from the current roster. This would be most likely Kike Hernandez who is struggling as of late, hitting under .200 and not producing much of the bench, not as much as expected anyway.

This would mean Kike needing to sneak through the waivers with the risk of another team picking him up, a likely perspective as he is in high demand of being taken, with the utility man most likely being a starter on most other rosters.

Guerrero would also be fighting with Scott Van Slyke should the Dodgers need another outfielder who is so far hitting .200 in his minor league stint for 2016, not another man lighting up the score sheets but one who has shown he can clutch up in the majors and come through when needed.

So this would point to the end of the line right now for Alex Guerrero who may find himself in the majors soon but for now it doesn’t look likely to be with LA, a disappointing result to a promising career.


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