Romo’s First Inning As A Dodger

For the first 9 years of his Major League career Romo was with the Giants and played there, winning 3 World Series rings in that time.

Entering the game in the top of the 6 with a 3-1 lead to protect, Sergio Romo came in to Dodger Stadium for the first time as a Dodger. His line will read;

1IP, 1H, 0BB, 0ER with 11 pitches for 8 strikes.

However this inning was slightly worrying for Dodger fans and Sergio alike.

The reason for this is simply that his sliders really weren’t sliding that far and only hung in the zone for a majority of his strikes. For Romo with this ‘slider first’ mentality he should be throwing his pitches for balls with the hopes of swings and misses.

The double he gave up to Will Myers was a sinker that stayed inside and he ripped to the left field wall, followed up by a fly ball to the centre field warning track on a pitch that simply didn’t do enough.


Pitches 1 and 2 in this AB were both sliders, but to me and anyone who sees this view, they really didn’t slide anywhere near enough.

The aim of a slider is to come out of the hand like a fastball and die away at the end, missing the barrel of the bat and getting hitters to roll over or miss the ball. Romo’s sliders so far have not done this enough.

The last batter of the inning was with a man on second and 2 out, where Romo threw two sliders and the new Dodger’s announcer Joe Davis said of the ball that was grounded to Turner and third, “He really got away with one there.”


So for Romo we hope this is first inning nerves with his new club and his mid season form will come to him soon, as this inning was anything from pretty but gave up 0 runs so we can’t really complain. At least he looks good in Dodger blue.





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