The Future Is Now For LA

Cody Bellinger is one of the best prospects in all of baseball. Corey Seager finished 2nd in MVP voting last year at 21. Julio Urias was a number one ranked national prospect when he was called up.

And what do these three have in common? They all are in the Major Leagues with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

We all know about Seager and Urias has already had a stint with LA but this time it is about Cody who makes his MLB debut for the club tonight in left field against the San Francisco Giants.

There has always been solid progression from the 1B/OF in the minor leagues, never hitting below .270 in his 6 years down there. He has worked his way ip from Single-A to Triple-A and now the MLB.

This year Cody has hit .343/.429/.627 for Oklahoma and is leading the team in batting average and homeruns through the first month of the year. There is no doubting his ability, as he has shown this all through his career and now gets to show it off on the big stage.

The call-up has come purely thanks to injuries but this has only sped up his process and not been a rash and rushed decision. After Joc Pederson went on the DL with a strained groin, Cody has called up to fill in in the outfield and to provide some depth.


He has played most of his career at first base and is seen as the Dodgers first base as soon as Gonzalez moves on in his career so this stint should be mainly to get a feel for the game and the new club.

Dave can’t tell us how long he will be in LA for but knows he will “be starting most days”, and be in the outfield for a fair bit of it.

Bellinger’s dad played for the Yankees where he won two rings with them too, so it is safe to say he has come from somewhat of a baseball family.

After the first 20 games of the season the club is 9-11 so maybe this is a good wake up call for the younger guys to pick their game up and play like starts they can be.






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