Turner, Taylor Cost Dodger Offence

Top of the 9th, Dodgers down by 1, Adrian Gonzalez at the plate. The count reads 3 balls and 1 strike. Turner has singled with one out in the inning and moved to second on a passed ball, where he represents the tying run and can keep this game going.

Adrian takes a mighty hack at the 3-1 pitch and comes up empty. Buster Posey however throws down behind Turner to the shortstop Brandon Crawford where he receives the ball, smacks Turner and ends the game.

The scorebook will read “2-6 caught stealing” but in reality it was a stupid play with a big consequence. In a night that was frustrating enough for Dodger fans and players alike, this play was the cherry on top, the icing on the cake.


Turner after being tagged out to end the game

LA was matched up against Matt Cain, an All Star 5 years ago and a man who had owned a 5.40 ERA for the last two years combined. And for the Dodgers a man by the name of Hyun Jin Ryu was on the hill, His ERA in his first 2 full healthy seasons was 3.18.

The Dodgers were expected to win this game, the Giants had been struggling this year and the indefinite exclusion of Madison Bumgarner made things a whole lot worse for them, but LA saw this as an opportunity to gift them a win and so they did.

Ryu was solid, he pitched 6 innings for 5 hits, a walk and 3 K’s, only conceding the one run in the second inning and then handed it off the to the pen.

The first baserunning mistake came from Chris Taylor, having been called up from AAA just a few days ago, he came up with a bang, hitting 2 doubles in his first game on the MLB this year.

He would drive in the Dodgers’ sole run in the 8th from an RBI single which left him on first with one out. Leadoff guy Toles struck out and it was up to Corey Seager to try and keep the inning alive.

Seager dug in and tried to tie the game for Los Angeles but Chris Taylor had other ideas, off he ran into second base to try and get himself into a scoring position. Posey grabs the pitch, stands up and throws a strike to the base to get Taylor a couple inches out from touching second.

After the game Dave said “He [Taylor] was running on his own.” And that no one had sent him from the dugout. With the possibility of misreading a sign being a factor this was even then still a bad play, Chris isn’t known for his running speed and maybe the situation got the best of him.


For a team that is struggling enough as it is, giving up an out in a crucial spot like this isn’t much better, “It’s tougher when your best player is at the plate, and you get thrown out there,” manager Dave Roberts said.

As for Justin Turner in his post match interview, when asked about his pick off all he could muster up was “I got caught”. This seems to be how the Dodgers’ year is going for them; they’re just getting caught.



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