Cody Bellinger Up, Scott Van Slyke Down

In the latest of the Dodgers’ front office moves, Franklin Gutierrez was reinstated off the ten day DL and everyone expected the rookie Bellinger to be sent back down to grow and play every day in the minors.

However, the man they did send down instead was Scott Van Slyke. The utility man in the outfield is only batting .129 this year with a .250 OBP. To put this in perspective, 9 pitchers are hitting better than him, albeit with only just over 10 at bats.

For the Dodger fan base though this move has been a long time coming and while Scott has always bounced up and down between AAA and the Majors in his career it feels this one is the last move for him.

Cody Bellinger however was expected to drop back down with Dave stating yesterday that he would rather have him bat every day in the minors than be a bench player for his club.

The Dodgers though, may have found another spot for their young stud. In today’s game against the Giants, Cody is batting 8th and playing first base with everyday first baseman Adrian Gonzalez out of the lineup for the first time this year.

This comes as a bit of a shock for everyone but it is also Cody’s most played position and arguably where he is best suited. For the Dodgers though this means that their infield could very well be changing and going more toward that youth category with Turner, Seager and now Bellinger there.

Whether or not this move is to, try out some things or it is an actual signal of a changing of a guard, is to be seen but one thing is for sure with the big power hitter, he is here to stay!

Bellinger is hitting .320 with 8 hits and 2 homeruns in just 25 at bats for the Dodgers this year.


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