Chris Taylor’s Future


The latest utility man to come out of LA after players like Skip Schumacher, Alex Guerrero and even Kike Hernandez, Chris might just be the best of the lot and by a long way.

Coming off a somewhat shaky start to his 2017 season, Taylor had made 2 errors in his first 5 games and was fielding only .895. To go with this, Chris had only hits in 6 games out of 10 for April with concerns over his skill.

May has been different to say the least.

The right-hander is 7-for-11 in just 6 games with a homerun and 7 RBI to go with it. If not for Cody Bellinger’s NL Player of the Week Award, it most likely would have been Chris. He has hit 3 homeruns to start the year and two of them are also grand slams, he is a bit of a machine. In fact he’s started one game this year with a below .300 batting average.

The best part about Chris for LA this year at least is the fact he is on the minimum wage in the MLB, just $512,000. The other man at his position and who he is competing with for a spot, Chase Utley, is on $2,000,000 and hasn’t proven to be anywhere near as valuable as Taylor.

This is not to say that these two are in direct competition with each other, Utley has been helping the younger guy out in fielding, hitting and throwing to get him to be one of the best players on the team. He mightn’t be the best but anyone can see his attitude has changed since coming to the Dodgers from Seattle.

Taylor is listed as a second baseman, a third baseman and a shortstop and can play all these positions equally as well. A player like this is invaluable for a team to have and keep on their roster. This means however that there is not enough space for Utley should the Dodgers go down that route.

Being 38 though, this could be his last year anyway but one must wonder if he will even be able to play this year out on the Dodger’s roster, somewhere he would love to be.

The problem for LA with this is that because Chris is turning into an amazing player and will definitely need more money to stay, what if he leaves in free agency and Chase retires or is traded before then?

LA cannot afford to lose both these guys, but especially Chris.

The future for him though will need to be a starter because that is what he can be but where would he play? He won’t play shortstop because Seager is there, third is taken up by Justin Turner. Could Chris Taylor be the Dodger’s every day second baseman? Well it would be a very good infield if that was the case with Kike backing them up and a spot for another infielder on the bench.


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