NL West Predictions for 2017

With the 2017 season fast approaching and Opening Day right around the corner it is time to see how the teams are shaping up in the Dodger’s division to challenge them for a 5th consecutive title.

5th: San Diego Padres (66-96)

There is nothing to like about this roster once again in 2017 with the aftermath of them “winning the offseason” two years ago still in full effect. The club has gone and really done nothing in this year’s offseason, bringing in no one to help out their offense or defense, with the pitching looking like being the worst in the division for a 3rd consecutive year.

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Los Angeles Dodgers’ Starting Day Fielding Positions

After last year’s mixing and moving between AAA and the majors, Corey Seager’s discovery and the almost impending loss of Howie Kendrick, only to be brought back by new manager Dave Roberts and his staff, this year’s opening day lineup will be an interesting but mostly similar to last year’s.

Changes will come through out the season with some bench players from last year such as Guerrero, Hernandez and maybe even mixing time between Andre Ethier and the overpaid Carl Crawford, all pushing for a job come mid season and the late season playoff push. But for April 4, we should see a very solid defensive lineup with batting strung through out and Clayton Kershaw holding it down off the rubber.

(All statistics are from the 2015 regular season)

Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw, 16-7, 2.13 ERA.

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2015 Opening Day Lineups with Predictions for the Season

With Spring Training drawing to a close and Opening Day now under just a week to go, it is time to preview who Donnie Baseball and his crew will send out onto the Dodger Stadium turf to face the Padres and Matt Kemp on April 6.

A number of prospects have impressed during spring, both pitching and batting wise but there shouldn’t be much change to the lineups that were there last year, minus of course the players they’ve lost to other teams.

Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw. How could it not be the reigning NL MVP and twice in a row Cy Young winner, going for another season with a sub 2 ERA and possibly some more trophies to stick on the mantle piece, Clayton has been a key aspect in the Dodgers making the post season these last few years. Although he hasn’t exactly been Clayton Kershaw in them at all he has shown during the regular season he is ready to be one of the al time greats from the mound. Continue reading

The Week Ahead for the Dodgers

After the very successful trip down under to Australia we not need to go back to Spring Training games for the next few days.

Once the plane lands at LAX later today the Dodgers then play the cross-town rivals, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, in a three game series.

The first two games are to be played on the 27th and 28th of March at Dodger Stadium and the last of the series will be at the Angel Stadium the day after.

The next day is the Padres home opener and the first regular season back for the Dodgers after leaving Sydney with an 2-0 record, the best in baseball.

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Second Base Spot up for Grabs as Dodgers Take on Reds

Dee Gordon gets a start for the Dodgers today when they take on Cincinnati at the Goodyear field later today. The only thing is he gets the start in Center Field. Cuban Alex Guerrero is playing at second base today as it seems the judgment time for the Dodgers and whom they play at second base is coming in the next few days.

For me it would be Dee Gordon as he has shown his speed and hitting ability in the spring so far batting at .234 with 6 RBIs, not the best average but enough to stay up in the bigs.  Gordon has started at second base in a few games, a suggestion that maybe he’s entered the competition with Alexander Guerrero for the starting job. Continue reading